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Monday, February 15, 2016

Beto Carrero World, Brazil


Beto Carrero World – Biggest Theme Park – Latin America

Beta Carrero World is considered to be the biggest theme park in Latin America which is located in Pehna Estate of Santa Catarina, about 200 km from Curitiba and in the vicinity of the best beaches of Santa Cartarina, Brazil. The park was opened on December 28, 1991 and is the sixth best amusement park in the world, having a complex of fourteen kilometres divided into nine theme areas.

Presently it is the biggest and most complete park in Brazil with 15 million sq. m surrounded by Atlantic Rain Forest in are markable area of the coast. This amazing location is a destination for people of all ages. Besides the fundamental attractions there are also theme areas such as Wild West, Pirates Island Zoo with shows like Magadascar, Fast and Furious and Monga which are quite well-known.

The show tend to take place at different times and are an opportunity to relax between the various attractions available. The park comes with a complete infrastructure to enable the tourist with leisure moments of relaxation. Besides this there are several other options of restaurants, coffee shops, snack bars and ice-parlours.

Theme Park/Zoo/Shows

There are also huge parking lots, lockers, found and lost departments, drugstore, medical services, changing rooms as well as a Bradesco bank branch. Tourist could take some of the souvenirs available from the various shops available.Beto Carrero World opens at 9 am and the attractions can be enjoyed till 6 pm where travellers could purchase their tickets and explore the place.

Beta Carrero World was the vision of Joao Batista Sergio Murad who had grown up in rural Sao Paulo. He was a smart businessman and after careers in radio, rodeo promotion and marketing, eventually made his dream come true when he had inaugurated Beto Carrero World at the age of 54.

He had adopted the name of Beto Carrero as a stage name owing to his cowboy character which had been featured in some of the Brazilian movies. Beto Carrero World comprise of the theme park, a zoo and shows. Similar to the Disney World, the theme park comprises of various different locations like the Avenue of the Nations, Radical Adventure, Pirate Island, the Wild West, and Animal World, fantasy Land and the German Village. Besides this the attractions comprise of huge roller coaster, a Ferris wheel and a huge castle.

Radical Adventure – Hotspot for Thrill Lovers

The Radical Adventure for instance is a hotspot for thrill lovers, which offers a collection of exciting rides like the nauseating FireWhip, which is a suspended looping rollercoaster that reaches over 60mph. More serene attractions are in Fantasyland, Pirate’s Island, Old West, German village Nation’s Avenue and the Animal World where the latter is a big hit with the youngsters due to its 171 species, 700-animal zoo and the world class primate centre.

Beto Carrero World had not yet launched its latest rollercoaster, The Chiller, till the time of going to the press, but is likely to open very soon. Beto Carrero World tends to have plenty of competition in Brazil with other main theme parks which include Playcentre and Hopi Hari both of which are in Sao Paulo.

 Besides these, other options are Six Flags Mexico, which are the only Six Flags Park in Latin America and Fantasilandia in Chile which features not less than 18 high adrenalin rides.

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