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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Historic Hotels of America Offer More for Travelers

The Historic Hotels of America program is a program operated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This nonprofit organization has one goal in mind: the protection and preservation of historic buildings across America. It creates and releases an endangered list every year that shows the top buildings in danger in cities all across the country. The National Trust for Historic Preservation started the Historic Hotels of America program to protect older hotels and inform the public about those hotels. When looking for a place to stay on your next vacation, you just mind find that these older hotels offer more than modern hotels do.

Elegant Restaurants

Are you a foodie and in need of a hotel that will tempt your taste buds? Historic hotels offer some great dining options for guests. Many of these hotels even won awards for the foods they serve and have professional chefs who can cater to any of your dietary needs or wishes. You will find hotel restaurants that source local ingredients from farms and farmers markets in the area and other hotels that specialize in specific types of cuisine, including elegant French dishes or authentic Italian meals.

Outdoor Fun

With traditional motels, the only outdoor fun you might experience is taking a dip in a heated swimming pool. Historic hotels offer much more for travelers. If you love upstate New York, you can book a room in an older hotel with the forest right outside the front door. If you're more of a beach goer, you might stay in a hotel located right on the beach. Other activities often available on-site at historic hotels or nearby include horseback riding, boating, bicycling, hiking and nature tours.

Historic Tours

The number one reason to choose historic hotels over modern hotels is for the historic tours that are typically available. These tours give you an in-depth and detailed look at the hotel. You'll learn all the funny stories throughout the history of the structure, find out what changes and renovations former or current owners made and whether any famous celebrities stayed at the hotel in the past. Some hotels also offer walking tours of historic buildings in the surrounding area. Don't forget about the ghostly tours available at haunted hotels. These tours might leave you checking under your bed before going to sleep.

Other Benefits

There are some other great benefits of staying in an older hotel that you can see when you check the Mohonk Mountain House profile and profiles of other historic hotels online. These hotels provide you will all the benefits of staying at a smaller bed and breakfast, including friendly and attentive staff, elegantly decorated rooms and gorgeous views of the surrounding region. You may also find packages that come with a round of golf, a spa experience for you and your partner or even tickets to a nearby amusement park. Historic hotels give you more bang for your buck than modern hotels do.

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