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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Montreal Tower


The Montreal Tower – Tallest Inclined Tower

The Montreal Tower, at 165 metres, is the tallest inclined tower in the world and its 45 degree angle is overwhelming when one contemplates on the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s tilt which is only 5 degrees. Visitors can view the entire Greater Montreal region and up to 80 kilometres of St. Lawrence River valley, from its summit and witness a breath-taking panorama which has received a three star rating and the highest available, by the renowned Michelin Guide.

It has also been listed in The Guinness Book of Records as the tallest inclined tower in the world. Visitors are in awe on this amazing structure with an incline as dramatic as the Montreal Tower. This is because the top of the tower has a mass of 8,000 tonnes that is permanently attached to the infrastructure as well as the solid concrete based buried ten metres below the ground level.

Moreover, this base also tends to have a mass of 145,000 tonnes or equivalent of three aircraft carriers. Visitors have a mesmerizing climb to the top of the Montreal Tower in a glass encased funicular which can accommodate around 76 passengers. The funicular, the only one in the world tends to operate on a curved structure and has a hydraulic system enabling the cabin to stay horizontal during the ride of two minute to the top.

The Only Funicular Operating on Curved Structure

The funicular has two levels carrying 76 passengers at a time and given time to load and unload carries more than 500 people each hour. It is the only funicular which operates on a curved structure enabling the vehicle to stay upright in spite of the incline.

The climb to the top of the tower is very exciting and guest ride on one-of-a-kind funicular that ascends the exterior of the tower provides amazing view right from the time one enters the vehicle till they arrive back safely at the station. During peak tourist session, as per published statistic, the funicular that travels at 2.8 meters per second, around 6 miles per hour, makes approximately a hundred return trips, along 266 meters of rail each day.

Located also at the top of the Tower is the Salon Montreal, which is a reception room that can accommodate around 200 guests. The vast triangular base of the tower near the Stadium has the Olympic Park Sports Centre and the tourist hall which is linked to an indoor parking facility is huge enough to accommodate around 80 buses.

Architectural Symbol of Montreal

The Montreal Tower, the architectural symbol of Montreal welcomes over 250,000 visitors annually to this amazing destination. Impending over the Olympic Stadium, it records among the uncontested symbols of the city. It was constructed for the 1976 Olympic summer games and the daring design is the work of French architect, Roger Taillibert.

Adorned by its Tower, this imposing structure is the most preferred arena for most of the important sporting events, large public and private gatherings as well as rock converts. Taking a ride in the funicular to any of these three observations decks provides an unhindered view of Montreal together with its surrounding areas. The Montreal Tower Observatory can be visited all through the year with the exception of six weeks which is from early January through mid-February since it tends to remain close for annual routine maintenance purpose.

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