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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Madame Tussauds London

Madame Tussauds – World Famous Wax Attraction

Madame Tussauds is a world famous wax attraction in London with branches in various major cities which was founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud and formerly known as `Madame Tussaud’s. Madame Tussauds has now grown to be a major tourist attraction in London, incorporating till 2010, the London Planetarium in its west wing displaying wax works of historical as well as royal figures, sports star, film stars and infamous murderers.

It is owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments. The Museum has expanded and continues to expand with branches in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Berlin, Blackpool, Hollywood, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, New York City, Shanghai, Sydney, Vienna, Washington, D.C., Wuhan and Tokyo with temporary museum in Busan – Korea, together with location coming in various areas like Beijing, Singapore, Prague, Orlando and San Francisco. The London museum being a world famous wax attraction provides an ultimate celebrity experience in the heart of Time Square comprising of over 225 incredibly life like stars and icons.

New York Pass/Marvel Super Heroes 4D

The New York Pass offers free entry to witness this attraction while entrance to Marvel Super Heroes 4D is provided with an additional fee. The New York Pass not only provides a free entry to Madame Tussands Wax Museum, but also 80 other attractions within New York City.At Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, one can take the opportunity of taking a picture with their favorite celebrity where the wax replica of over 100 replicas look real as though they are really present there.

The two floors, 30,000 square foot museum gives visitors the opportunity of getting close and personal with the celebrity where touching is highly encouraged and the pictures look very realistic. Some of the replicas do have fun little features included, such as when one touches celebrity Jennifer Lopez’s backside, she tends to blush. Being in partnership with Marvel Comics, Madame Tussauds has assembled some of the Avengers, a multi-sensory Marvel 4D Theatre which enables film viewers to experience the action as well as get wet when the superheroes tend to save Las Vegas from being destroyed.

Face to Face Experience with Celebrities 

Making a wax figure is a lengthy process which could take from four to six months. When a researcher prepares a survey on the celebrity or star in the attraction, they tend to obtain all information with regards to the celebrity, which includes on how they would pose for pictures, their common facial expressions together with their hairstyles and preference on their attire.

If they are in a position, they then come in for a sitting. The stylist takes over their measurements together with various photos which provide the artist with the opportunity to match the hair as well as eye shade perfectly. The team use oil based paint for the face, and applies it in layers, thereby creating a skin complexion that seems very real.

Another amazing fact is that the body is not only made of wax but of steel and clay as well. Madame Tussauds adds or rotates new figures, to keep the attraction exciting and new, frequently. Once can get the opportunity of a face to face experience with some of their favorite celebrities and capture them in picture and cherish those memories for a life time.

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