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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hobart – Popular City of Australian Island State of Tasmania

Hobart is the capital and a popular city of the Australian Island state of Tasmania. It was founded in 1804 as a penal colony and is Australia’s second oldest and southernmost capital city after Sydney, New South Wales. It offers a blend of heritage, scenery and culture with plenty of attraction and activities.

Situated amidst the foothills of Mount Wellington, Hobart is filled with heritage charm with modern lifestyle together with exceptional beauty and is considered as one of the top ten spots in the world to be explored.

It is located at the entrance of the Derwent River and its harbour forms the second deepest natural port in the world and is surrounded by well-preserved bushland which reaches close to the city centre with the beaches trimming the shores of the river and beyond the estuary.

Hobart has an area population of 217,973. Hobart is also the financial and the administrative centre of Tasmania, a busy seaport and serves as the home port for French Antarctic and Australian operation wherein it loads around 2,000 tons of Antarctic cargo every year for the Australian research vessel Aurora Australis.

In 2009/10, the Antarctic industry was worth over AU$180 million to the Tasmanian economy. Besides, this the city is also a hub for cruise ship in summer with around 40 cruise ships docking at the time of the season.

Hobart with many Industries

Hobart also has many other industries, like shipbuilding which includes high speed catamaran factories such as the world renowned Incat as well as ore refinement zinc smelters which are operated by Nvrstar, huge breweries like Cascade manufacturers of different beers exported nationally with premium and boutique beers found in Europe together with smaller breweries in the city.

Another well-known business in the city is the Cadbury chocolate factory manufacturing most of the Cadbury’s chocolate for Southern Hemispheres. Besides this the city also supports a light industry manufacturers.

It also supports a large tourist industry wherein tourist visits the city to explore the historic suburbs and nationally known restaurants and cafes together with its vibrant music and the cultures of nightlife. Visitors also come in to see the massive weekly market in Salamanca Place and to use the city as base to explore the country of Tasmania.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens/Mount Wellington/Tasman Bridge/Hobart Synagogue

A popular recreation area which is a short distance from the City centre is the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and is the second oldest botanic gardens in Australia which has extensive plant collections.

Mount Wellington can be accessed while passing through Fern Tree a dominant feature of Hobart’s skyline and at 1,271 metres, the mountain has its own ecosystem which is rich in biodiversity and has a very important part in determining the weather.

Another unique feature of the city is the Tasman Bridge which connects the two shores of Hobart and is visible from several locations. The Hobart Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Australia and is also a rare example of an Egyptian Revival synagogue. Hobart is a likely destination which is filled with historical charm mingled with modern lifestyle which is worth exploring.

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