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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Istria – Largest Peninsulas in Adriatic Sea

Istria is one of the largest peninsulas in the Adriatic Sea and is located at the head of the Adriatic between the Gulf of Trieste and the Bay of Kvarner and shared by three countries namely Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

At times it is called the `new Tuscany and is a heart shaped 3600 square km peninsula with a landscape of beautiful green hills with valleys and fertile plains. Istria is one of the most sought after destination for tourist to Croatia and its towns namely Umag and Porec are considered the best holiday resorts in Croatia, organised by the Croatian National Tourist Board and Croatian TV.

In the early 20th century, the region was a part of Italy and had a strong Italian influence and this region is an awesome location of Croatia, along the coast as well as inland accompanied with its pretty hilltop towns. Pazin is in the interior and an administrative capital of the region while Pula with its thriving shipyard is worth exploring and a home to the Arena which is a well preserved Roman amphitheatre.

Rovinj Town of Pastel Homes/Polished Stones/Blue Water

Tourism along the coast is focused on the fetching fishing village of Rovinj, which is a gem of a town and the most beautiful coastal town in Istria and in all of Croatia as well as the ancient Roman town of Porec.

The northern area of the peninsula belongs to Slovenia and the Cicarija mountains which is an extension of the Dinaric Range, in the north eastern corner divides Istria from the continental mainland.Rovinj is a town of pastel homes with polished stones and blue water and is very Italian from the fashionably dressed women accompanied by tidy men in leather loafers combined with colourful sweaters.

Its narrow alleyways and courtyards have several restaurants with various places to have a drink and watch the sun as it disappears. It is the most ideal venue to spend time and enjoy the visit at this remarkable destination.

6th Century Basilica in Porec

Istria lacks many large islands when compared to other southern coastal regions and the Brijuni group of islands which is near Pula are the exception and a good option for a day trip, The peninsula is easy to access from the rest of Europe, bordered by Slovenia along with a maritime border with Italy.

It is well connected by air to the United Kingdom to the main airport, the Pula airport in that region. Inland Istria is filled with the scent of the nearby sea and is a world away from the coast’s lively beaches. On exiting off the highway one will come across tiny village after village each of which have their own charm combined with unique architectural legacy.

One can also take a trip through the medieval towns of Groznjan and Motovun in the interior of the hilly area and find villages which seemed to have been forgotten. The 6th century Byzantine mosaics at St. Euphrasius Basilica in Porec, is amazing and is one of the best preserved early Christian churches in Europe.

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