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Thursday, April 24, 2014

San Sebastian – Modern Cosmopolitan Destination

San Sebastian
San Sebastian located on the shores of the Bay of Biscay in Basque Region of northern Spain is a modern cosmopolitan destination for exploring interesting sites in the country and is one of Spain’s pearls of touristic supremacy. San Sebastian flanked by a number of promenades with awesome beaches, the most famous being the Playa de la Concha.

The La Concha Bay has a small offshore island which enables visitors with a few hours of pure enjoyment in this beautiful setting while the nearby popular Ondaretta Beach is a better version for those interested in relaxing by the sea or swimming in chilly clean water. Geographically being a small city, San Sebastian is divided into areas which are worth visiting and exploring.

The Old Part has a variety of amazing restaurants and tapas or pintxo bars which are of great reputation both among tourist and locals. One of the city’s most amazing Michelin Star restaurants has some delicious and the finest quality of food stuff which should not be missed while visiting this appealing destination.

Known for Parades and Festivals

Leisure strolls by the seashore on a warm afternoon towards sunset will give one the privilege of the best fresh fish and shellfish together with a vibrant nightlife that follows thereafter in the city. One could also take the opportunity on some affordable and homely menus at the back streets. The summers is the best time to visit the city with the climate being mild with comforting warmth and during the day it is just pleasant and not too hot.

San Sebastian is also known for its several parades and festivals throughout the year most of which takes place during the summer months. The main economic activities are tourism and commerce and it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Spain.

 Being the city’s small size, events like the San Sebastian International Film Festival have given this destination an international recognition together with Wroclaw, Poland, and will be the European Capital of Culture by 2016.

Oldest Museums – San Telmo Museo

The Culture in San Sebastian as the Basque speakers call Donostia, is a costal beauty which is experienced best in the summer season accompanied with music, film festivals together with bar snacks and one will always find some sort of culture where visitors can involve themselves at any point of time. The dFeria, held in March, a festival of theatre and dance is held in order to present performing arts creation with focus given to Basque theatre groups which runs for five days.

 It brings the global theatre down to Donostia with a lot of festive ambiance and should not be missed by enthusiastic of dance and theatre.The San Sebastian Heineken Jazz Festival in July is a tradition which is followed since 1966, hosted with a hundred concerts across twelve indoor and open space venues. It is shown at Kursaal Auditorium and Zurriola Beach which are very popular.

The San Sebastian International Film Festival in September is an annual Donostia festival which is considered as important as the Cannes festival showcasing about 200 to 250 international films, awarding the Golden Shell. One of the oldest museums, San TelmoMuseo in the Basque country was built in 1902 which is situated below Mount Urgull housing over 26,000 art pieces across 11,000 square meters of space.

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