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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rio de Janeiro, The city of landscape

 Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro one of the second largest cities of Brazil is situated on the South Atlantic coast and is famous for its beautiful landscape, its annual carnival and its laidback beach culture. Rio de Janeiro’s harbor has a unique entry from the ocean and is surrounded with geographic features which include Sugar Loaf Mountain of 395 meters, Corcovado Peak – 704 meters, and the hills of Tijuca – 1,021 meters and the combination of these features collectively has made the harbor one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. These beaches are simply amazing and even the most seasoned tourist will find it hard to resist them which are wide and clean with soft white sand.

The main beaches from Leme to Brazil conduct a variety of services for beach lovers which include free showers at the beach, clean pay toilets, life savers with police, tents as well as chairs on rent, wet trails to walk on cool sand together with soft and alcoholic drinks with food. Some of the beaches which are inappropriate for bathing are Ramos, Flamengo, Botafogo, Urca while Abrico is an oceanic and the only official nudist beach in Rio de Janeiro and is accessible by car or taxi. Rio de Janeiro has a wide range of museums and many cultural centers that are managed by banks and other organizations. They also host free exhibitions and the details of these are available in the daily newspaper O Globo in their weekly Friday supplement.
One of the reasons for visiting Rio de Janeiro is the Carnival which lasts for two weeks and is well known for samba schools or the escolas de samba which parade on gigantic structures known as Sambadrome in Centro. This country has plenty to offer during carnival by way of fun music and entertainment lasting for two weeks. Rio de Janeiro is the cradle of three of Brazil musicals namely samba, bossa nova and choro and one will find here, some of the best musicians of the country. It also has some big and small clubs which play every kind of music and the major mainstream clubs perform whatever is played on the USA radio and MTV while the underground offer Rock, Rap E-music and much more.

Enjoying the music at one of the countless samba live music bars is a novelty which should not be missed while on a trip to this country. The nightlife district of Rio at Lapa, have many bars with great music where locals go dancing and meeting people..The New Year’s Eve celebration is one of the largest and most popular events celebrated in Rio de Janeiro with huge fireworks display along with musical shows which attracts around two million people to the sands of Copacabana beach each year. During this celebration, people dress in white for luck and toast the arrival of the coming year. Some national as well as international concerts are held at the beach which is entry free. When shopping on streets, one can strike a good bargain at lower price if done smartly since there is always a tendency of overcharging tourist who comes to the country.

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