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Monday, July 10, 2017

Top 9 Food Destinations Around the World

A Foodies Paradise!
Michelin star restaurants are increasing by number every day and the top food destinations in the world cover a lot of such places. Food doesn't just fill the stomach for a foodie, it touches the soul, it fulfils one's senses.

Top food enthusiasts make it a point to visit so many countries as possible and taste their local cuisine, to find different flavours, and incorporating it in their food and recipes.

The best available!

Tokyo boasts to be one of the best food destination in the world, with the maximum number of Michelin star restaurants to boast about, the city has a lot to offer. They have a variety of foods for everyone, from strange eel for the weird palate to sushi for the fine palate. It has insane skyscrapers and posh restaurants to the best kind of street foods available.

London has a variety of cuisines to offer. High class gourmet food to the best kind of pop ups one can think of. It has a record of World's best restaurants in the world. The best English cooks boast of Michelin star restaurants which are world renowned. English food will always remain famous and even though bland, Londoners love their tea and wealthy breakfasts.

For perfectly cooked meat and steaks, visit Argentina. They have fresh gourmet cuisine teamed with good drinks. Argentinian Empresas and stews are lip smacking and will leave you asking for more.

From lip smacking Bolognese to pizza- Italian cuisine is food for the soul. Pizzas have always been a favourite food for everyone since time immemorial. Italy has the best cheese and ham production in the world and should be on a food lover's destination right on top.

French cuisine explores gastronomical wonders, from innovative desserts to various meats, French cuisine is delicious. Rich in flavour, french bakeries create works of art. The use of cured meat and cheese in their food and teaming with the best alcohol in the country is spectacular.

Thailand has scrumptious food for the soul and the mind. Their street food is infamous and so are the seafood array available. Fresh array of seafood is displayed every day in the colourful markets, attracting travellers worldwide.

The good old Spanish classic Paella tastes like heaven in a plate. Again, a seafood lover’s paradise, Spain never disappoints. Spanish cuisine has an amalgamation of spicy as well as exotic flavours, making it all the more tempting and hard to resist.

Last but not the least is India. With its ethnic diversity, there are almost endless types of cuisine available in one country. From the exotic South Indian cuisine to a tummy satisfying North Indian or Lucknowi biryani, to Chaats in Delhi- there is something for everyone.

Indian sweets are world renowned and delicious. The use of masalas in the right amount and making a beautiful dish is what makes India one of the top food destinations in the world. Only a food lover would know what and when to eat, because one should be able to recognise. What fulfils the soul, and what fills the stomach!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Best Cuisine From Around the World

People love to travel across the world and taste different cuisine. There are few places where one can enjoy the authentic taste of the food of a particular place. If you are a foodie lover these delectable mouth-watering foods from various countries keep your taste buds tickled and help in spicing up your food life.

CHINESE CUISINE: It is a popular cuisine among foodie lovers .The Chinese staple food comprises of noodles, rice, sauces, vegetables and seasonings. Dim Sum and pecking duck are a few renowned delectable Chinese dishes that tickle your tastebuds. Some of the best tasting and least expensive food in china is sold at street stalls. The dumplings are a symbol of home and family. Thesavoury pancake is sold on Beijing’s streets ad is a perfect traditional breakfast to begin your day. Food safety is a very real concern in china. Chinese cuisine can be simple or it can be sophisticated but above all it relies on the freshest o localingredients combined to create a balance of flavours.

ITALIAN CUISINE: It is one of the oldest cuisines dating back to the 4th century. Wine and cheese is quite famous in the Italian cuisine. Coffee particularly espresso is famous in Italiancuisine. Pasta named as maccheroni, penne, linguine, spaghetti, lasagne, fusilli, Tortellini and ravioli are some of the major ingredients found in it.

SPANISH CUISINE: People who want to eat light and leafy they should opt for Spanish food. They are famous for fish, meat and leafy vegetables. Spain is also famous for wine especially SANGRIA which is served or well blended with every kind of food. In short we can say this country has a Meditterrian diet.

THAI CUISINE: Thai food has mainly originated from china. Some of the famous Thai dishes are fried rice, noodles, rice porridge, steamed buns ,fermented bean paste, tofu, soya sauce are some of the ingredients used in the Thai food. This cuisine is one of the few in the world that balances all four main taste senses including sweet, sour, bitter and salty. These dishes are less spicy.

INDIAN DISHES: It can be divided into four main parts: Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern. Most of the Indian dishes are introduced by Vedic, Jain and Buddhist Belief. Some are introduced by foreign invaders, rulers and merchants. Cultural and religious option characterizes the Indian foods. The north Indianfoods are prepared with mustard and peanut oil. The south Indian food is prepared with coconut oil and flavoured with curry leaves.Idly dosa,Chapattis, Rice, BajraandJowar are the staple food in Indian culture.

FRENCH CUISINE: it is renowned for its affluent Flavours. Lavender, Olive Oil, Honey, garlic is some of the major ingredients used in the French foods. Hot Chocolate Pasta, Yoghurt finds a Prominent Place in the French Cuisine. The flavour of French Food cannot be described in words. The amazing Bonbons, fish, and the Beef stews should not be missed out when visiting France.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brazil Food and Drink


Brazilian cuisine is the result of the amazing marriage of Portuguese culinary traditions, Indian and African, with inputs Italian, Slavic, Jewish and even Arab. Apart from Bahia, where the African influence is predominant, and Belém (Indian influence), it is impossible to disentangle the various influences.


- Feijoada: This is the national dish of Brazil. In restaurants, it is traditionally served on Saturday evening. Beans are simmered with feet, tails and ears of salt pork, brisket and smoked sausage, meat smoked beef, all flavored with garlic and onions back to palm oil.

- São Paulo or Minas Gerais has Virada: the bean is transformed into a puree. Served with rice, collard greens and served with pork chops, roast of pork rinds and bananas breaded.

- Carne do Sol (carne seca) of beef salted and smoked. With mashed cassava is the star of the gastronomy of the Northeast.

- Farofa: fried manioc meal to which is added to the selection of small pieces of carne do sol, sausage, eggs, beans, herbs and onions.

- Moqueca of peixe or Camarão:
it brings back the fish or shellfish with onion, garlic, cilantro and tomatoes in coconut milk and it finishes cooking with palm oil. Served with rice and a pirão.

- Empadão: large pie stuffed with meat or shrimp with hearts of palm and other vegetables. As much revenue as houses.

- Cuscus: couscous Brazil. Nothing to do with the Maghreb, this is a cake of cornmeal, stuffed shrimp and sardines, with pieces of vegetables. Two types of cuscus predominant: the Paulista and cuscus cuscus bahiano.

- Vatapi: delicious puree made from bread or wheat flour, including shrimp, coconut milk, ginger, cashew nuts, spices, etc.. One of the most famous dishes of Bahian cuisine, known throughout Brazil.

- Buchada Carneiro: a triumph of Pernambuco kitchen! Belly stuffed with sheep guts and offal, prepared in a stew with herbs and cooked in court bouillon.

- Churrasco is a major "sports" in Brazil. His reputation is gaucho country. This is the grilled beef.

- Pernil assado: whole ham, fresh roasted, with farofa and grilled pork rinds. São Paulo and Minas Gerais tradition.

- Pao de queijo: are found throughout the country. A kind of small cabbage cheese, sometimes filled with different sauces. Appetizers.

- Salgados: an institution. Snacks sold for next to nothing in many bars, and Padaria lanchonetes form of fried salted meat, fish, cheese or vegetables. To nibble on or off the premises.

- Pudim: dessert, excellent small blanks milky and sweet at will.

- Pé de Moleque: a candy made from peanuts and caramel, a kind of nougat. Sold on street stalls, including Paraty and Salvador, which also offer the bolo do estudante, gelatinous cake made from coconut, coated cashews.

- Romeo e Julieta: guava pulp which is eaten with cheese Mineiro (like feta). A marriage of sweet and salty. Very popular.

- Fruits: wide variety of shapes and flavors.


Soft drinks

- Water: Do not necessarily tap water and drink bottled water. Brazil has an infinite number of excellent natural sources.

- Cafezinho ("small coffee"): a national institution. Everywhere, if you need to wait, you the offer.

- Guaraná: the national soda. Prepared from the fruit of the guarana plant exclusively Brazilian Amazon, but this version of guaraná soft drink has nothing to do with the original version of the Indians, which is a real exciting!

- Guaraná em po: a traditional Indian beverage, the virtues of energy, balancing and toning.

- Sucos and vitamins in any bar or greasy spoon, drink the fresh juice prepared in a blender. A health treatment based on vitamins.

- Mate: drink traditional colonial. An infusion of the herb material - yerba mate. Toning and balancing plant, the material is consumed in two forms, very different!

- The cha maté: infusion of the herb roasted, which gives a dark brown tea.

- The material of chimarão: the national drink of southern Brazil, especially the gauchos. The green grass, dried and chopped, prepared as a tea in a small gourd individual.

- Caldo de Cana: juice of sugar cane crushed and pressed directly into machines. Sweet juice and taste fairly neutral, sometimes decorated with lime: dynamite vitamin for next to nothing.

Everywhere in the streets, in markets

- Coco verde: everywhere too, in the streets, on beaches or along roads, strong men armed with machetes took off a scalp to the skull with green coconut milk drink with a straw. One can also buy it in bottles.

- Phicol: acts of sorbets, which sucks on a stick like an Eskimo, sold in the streets or beaches.

Alcoholic beverages

- Cachaça: also called pinga or aguardente. With beer, it's one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. It is a small agricultural rum titration.

- Caïpirinha: literally, the "little country girl." A cocktail made from cachaça, crushed ice well softened, crushed lime and sugar cane. A ritual required.

- Beers: The national drink, the Brazilians have a way to serve iced. The heavy drinkers to lengthen a glass of cachaça!

- Wine: There are wine growing interest mainly from the South, cabernet franc grape. But they are nowhere near the quality of wines from Argentina or Chile.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Belize Food and Drink

The basic meal consists of rice and beans, as well as support for the fish to meat. This hearty dish is often decorated with a potato salad mayonnaise or coleslaw (cabbage and carrots).

Fish and Seafood

There are a lot of fish (mostly of snapper, snapper in French, a reef fish) and seafood soup Try conch (large shell which must be cooked to avoid having to be chewed for hours) prepared with herbs and potatoes. Particularly tasty and nutritious. The lobster, however, that is caught mid-February to mid-June The cow's foot soup can also be an interesting dining experience! We often found in popular restaurants.

International Cuisine

Maps of restaurants to borrow much Mexican food (burritos, fajitas, ceviche, etc..) And American (burgers unavoidable). Besides all the Chinese restaurants, and to a lesser extent India, which set up everywhere.


Breakfast is a tendency with the famous British bacon and eggs or omelets. Do not miss the Johnny cakes, corruption of "Journey Cakes" (which could be translated as "the journey cakes") that outweighed the morning fishing with them. These delicious rolls, cousins
​​of English scone. As for the Mayan version of the breakfast, it consists of red beans.

Meal times

We eat early in Belize: Some restaurants open at 7 am-7:30 for breakfast, uninterrupted service follows lunch until about 14h. They reopened about 17-18h and 21h close around. The Chinese and Indian restaurants welcome guests much later. It helps out well.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Barbados food and drink

Two parallel worlds live without really rub: that of Bajans, ranging from fish fry snacketteen, and the tourists, who frequent the restaurants especially chic resorts and hotels. The former are as affordable as the latter are expensive. Only real link is the presence of fresh fish and exotic fruits. Otherwise, almost everything is different.


A simple snacks? The Bajans have adapted some English classics such as fish studs (flying fish & chips), and adopted two Indian classical: the roti, a kind of falafel stuffed with all sorts of curry, and samosas, the fritters topped with triangular potatoes, vegetables and / or meat. In Snackette, typically found barbecued chicken, hot dogs and pizza. Some U.S. fast food are well established, like Kentucky Fried Chicken, the chicken (drum) is a lot of fans over here ... We should also mention the cutters, sandwiches in buns (salt bread) topped with ham, flying fish, fried eggs, cheese, stew, etc..


To start a meal, you can bet on Bajan fish cakes, cod fritters, served with a spicy sauce. The national dish is flying fish along with cou-cou. What is this strange bird? A mixture of polenta and okra (okra), vegetable of African origin as the basis for many stews. They become slimy while cooking. Fish, it is prepared in a tomato sauce with onion, shallot, garlic and various herbs. The neck-neck can also be prepared with plantains and fruit of the breadfruit tree.

Another classic, the saltfish buljol is a dish from Trinidad incorporating cod, tomatoes and onions. Excellent! We also eat swordfish, barracuda, tuna, snapper (red snapper), the Saupe (chub), the wahoo (kingfish) and dolphin fish. No, this is not the dolphin, but the mahimahi, also known as dolphinfish dorado.

You will also find lobster (usually imported from neighboring islands), crab, conch (fried), the sea cat (octopus!) Of sea eggs (urchins), shrimp - coconut crust, or perhaps even in a pepper jelly, with the English. Remember that the trend is spicy!

On Friday night, do not miss the big fish fry in Oistins fresh fish barbecued in a festive atmosphere. Then we dance.

Those who do not like the fish will fall back on more British-inspired dishes, roast pork type (in cauliflower), roast beef (with potatoes), oxtail stew or lamb hilarious mint (yes, yes, we still find). Accompanying rice & peas come (rice and peas) flavored with coconut milk, sweet potato pie or yams, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, macaroni pie and other essential lightness inspired by traditions from across the English Channel.

Indian influences are also notable: in addition to rotis and samosas, we meet frequently chicken curry, tandoori and biryani.

More locally, there is the pepper pot, in fact a Native American recipe (Guyana) prepared in most English-speaking Caribbean islands. It's kind of pork stew, possibly beef, lamb or chicken, bathed in a dark sauce made from cassava, pepper and cinnamon. Otherwise, on Saturday, look for the signs and take the risk of testing a pudding and souse Keseksa ...? Just a sweet potato pudding with a kind of pie cheap cuts of pork (head, tail and feet in general!).

What you eat in the big restaurants has not much to do with it. You will find international cuisine and fusion cuisine, with influences mostly Asian or Indian than English and Bajan. The choice is vast and the quality to go, but hello prices ... If you go out for dinner at night, do not forget to dress a little class - no jeans or tennis, then this is British land!


A good pint of stout British often accompanies the meal, unless you prefer blondes to brunettes ... In this case, a local Banks to be ordered - do not forget to checkout.

As an aperitif, doubt seized the drinker. Beer or rum? The Mount Gay, distilled in Barbados since 1703, is one of the oldest in the world ... The elixirs white rum made countless cocktails, mixed with various fruit juices, rum old is eaten alone, at fair value.

And if you flee the degrees on the bottle, try the mauby, a concoction reminiscent of root beer American, derived from the bark of a shrub.