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Rotterdam – A City With Vibrant Life

Rotterdam – A City With Vibrant Life
Rotterdam a city of many faces is a tough port city with amazing nightlife, sophisticated shopping centers, all combined in an artistic city. It is a city bursting with energy, a diverse, multi ethnic community, intensely interesting maritime tradition with a wealth of top class museums. Rotterdam is an architecture city of Holland with stimulating innovation and its always changing skyline is very amazing.

It is an awesome destination to explore and should be visited on a trip to Holland if on a high speed train on the way to Amsterdam or to the south. It is a city with many attractions like the Spido harbor tours, the historic Cruiser Rotterdam, the Euromast panorama tower and the Rotterdam Zoo. Museums like the Boijmans - Van Beuningen, the World Arts Museum and the Kunsthal exhibition centre are worth visiting. Rotterdam is also an excellent place for shopping at big market square with fresh produce, flower and cheese and the modern Rotterdam metro service can take you to the big Alexandrum Mall within a few minutes. The shops in downtown Rotterdam are open all through the week.

Various Street Markets 

Several weekly markets in various districts of Rotterdam covers the Binnenrotte square from Blaak to shopping street Meent containing more than 400 stand and the largest street markets of the Netherlands is at Binnenrotte, near Railway Station Rotterdam Blaak, which is an underground station and the other being in the South of Rotterdam, Afrikaanderplein.

One will find a wide selection of goods from mobile telephone accessories and other stuff to Dutch cheese, affordable fashion items, fresh fruits, flowers, vegetables and fish besides Dutch and other imported products. A visit to their street market in Rotterdam will give the visitor an experience enabling them to meet multi cultural local people. Near the Blaak area one will find fresh produce like fruits, fish, cheese, vegetables, flowers and candy and in the vicinity of Meent, clothes, vintage goods, fabrics and souvenirs, and smart phone accessories are available. In the afternoon, the markets get quite crowded especially at weekend while on rainy days the street markets have functional shelter of plastic covers. A visit to the Rotterdam can be clubbed with street market shopping since the market square is connected to the Meent and Hoogstraat shopping streets.

Marketing with Live Musical Performance

In summer one can visit the Rotterdam Summer Sunday Market at Binnenrotte near Blaak which has different themes during the summer season like fabric or books, though they are slightly smaller. Their city lounge is centrally located on the market square offering a variety of stalls with appetizing snacks and cold drinks. One could also get the opportunity to taste some of the famous Dutch fries or exotic snacks from the multi cultural communities in Rotterdam.

There is also a lifestyle market besides the traditional street market, known as the Swan Market which is diverse with creative goods and are organized on several weekend a year at different areas in Rotterdam like the Grotekerkplein and Museumpark. This market offers jewelry, fashion, vintage, accessories, kid stuff together with affordable art as well as snacks and drinks accompanied with live musical performances.

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