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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Best Vacation for Your Teens

My Teens
Wanting an amazing family vacation? For many families the hardest part may be finding a vacation time suitable for everyone. Working then being busy with the school activities can be a chore. Be sure to sit down with everybody before settling on a date.

Give an opportunity for the youngsters to be a part of the planning process from the start. Find out what places they would like to go. Teen are fabulous in giving great suggestions. Once you decide where to go hand over some of the what-to-do-decision making to your teenagers. Most of the teen are online now.

These are some of the tips where you can take them or plan with them for your vacations.

ACTIVE VACATIONS: make sure that your teens have a fun way to burn off excess energy. Plan a vacation where they have a lot of activities around like they love skiing, snowboarding, surfing or an adventure travel vacation whether it’s a family bicycling tour through a fence or a week of rock climbing.

CRUISES are a big hit with parents. Many cruise liners cater to families with children, including teens with plenty of things to do from athletic activities to teen only lounges and dances. Unlimited excess food is provided where people can eat to their heart content. They can eat all day long without any credit bill coming home.

THEME VACATION caters to the teens interests. Like a cooking school, horseback riding,spelunking or photography.

DISNEY THEME park offers delight for kids young and old. They have great amusement park. Watch the firework explode over Cinderella’s castle. Spend the bulk time in Magic Kingdom, pausing in Town Square Theatre for a fast Pass to greet Mickey Mouse and the Princess without a long line. Don’t miss out the Fantasy land and the coaster called the Great Goofini. The Disney Royal treatment offers you a kind of dream vacations where you can travel to exotic lands, enjoy adventures or relax in blissful solitude.

MILLENIUM PARK at Chicago is an amazing green gathering place with music, dance art, family festivals.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER Florida is a place where you are allowed to be an astronaut for a day. Though the real space shuttle has flown their final mission, you can still experience on the shuttle launch flight stimulator, also take mission control tour, have lunch with an astronaut.

The teenage years may be the perfect time to Plan once in a lifetime a wonderful destination for vacations. Take them to see the big things in the world that they won’t get to do once they have to spend on their own. Teenagers can be fun to travel with because of their independence and helpfulness. No Longer like babies, they can pack their own bags with all the necessities to keep them entertained.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Head to Oman Stunning Coast for Fun and Relaxation

OMAN has some 3000 kilometres of coastline, most which are pristine, stunning and secluded beaches that face the Indian Ocean with soaring sand dunes or rugged rocks, flourishing coral reefs and unique wildlife. They have beaches and crystal clear Waters. Even the residents and tourist like to come here to swim, play waboba and snorkel.

The Omanis are traditionally a sea faring people of fisherman, traders and shipbuilders. The coast and the sea is the main identity of Omani.

Those who are lover of adventure and exploration will want to take a day trip by dhow that’s Oman traditional word for a taxi or truck.

Oman’s diverse unique and unspoiled landscapes are coupled with a huge range of activities and distance national culture. Coastal resorts offer an amazing range of water sports activities for all ages.

Oman is famous for green turtle heaven with five of the world’s seven species arriving each year to crawl up thebeaches, dig holes in the sand and lay their eggs.

Certain beaches have their own identity like KHALOUF BEACH where eagles and flamingos are seen in large numbers.On TIWI beach during low tide one can paddle out to the coral and snorkel above grouper, sea snakes and batfish. The sweeping coast leads to Bandar Jissah, famous for its lagoon setting and intense blue waters. Apart from all these there are some tourist places where one must not miss it.

The WAHIBA Sands attract desert lover. The color Aries from red to dark honey. One can enjoy the rolling sand dunes and romantic sand driving.

MUSANDAM Fjords are the natural mountain along with their beauty. The crystal clear water and sheer cliffs are there to calm your mind. It is also known as NORWAY OF ARABIA you can enjoy cruising through the khor ash sham the most pleasant experience.

RAS AL –HADD is one of the main tourist spots of Oman. It is the nest of lots of TURTLES;therefore it is called the TURTLE beach resort. You can witness the first rising sun in the entire Arabian Peninsula.

MASIRAH ISLAND is desolated and deserted destination. If you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city .This is the best place to unwind yourself.

INCENSE MARKETS IN SALALAH: It is a great importance the trade of frankincense. The incense is made from resin which is a good quality. There is also a beach with a huge mosque of sultan qaboos.

SADAH COAST is fantastic while driving. The landscape is amazing and of unique beauty. The mountains are made of BLACK rock and invaded by sand from the beach.

There are also many museums like the NATIONAL Museum, the OMAN CHILDREN Museum, OmaniFrenchMuseum, Baital Zubairmuseum.

RI YAM PARK is full of entertainment for children.

So have fun with a limitless destination full of culture, excitement, natural richness and incredible landscape at Oman.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Maps Reveal You to Travel by Train from European Cities in a Day

The travel route in Europe is extremely well planned and implemented, and a genuine alternative to traveling in planes are trains. Europe has a well connected, high speed network of trains which has been interestingly revealed by fascinating maps by a US based train enthusiast. This US train enthusiast is Peter Kerpedjiev, who did significant research and collected data from Swiss Transport Authority. The research and work of this Harvard Medical fellow amazed the world with the fascinating results. The research conducted by him also proved that Western countries have a better planned and implemented network, and the Eastern countries have to do a lot of catching up.

Peter used statistics from Swiss Public Transport system 

The maps produced by the US train enthusiast revealed that it’s Berlin, Madrid, Paris and London offers the best train connection. Similarly, it also showed that train networks in Sofia, Riga and Podgorica offers fewer trains. In fact, the rail network from Paris is incredibly well planned and travelers can reach Ireland, Southern Italy and Scotland within 24 hours.

The Harvard Medical School fellow, Peter extracted information and statistics from Swiss Public Transport System. In an interview, Peter explained that he wanted to know the destinations which were easily accessible by train. The results amazed Peter, and he was stunned by the incredible rail connectivity available all over Europe. In another interview he also stated that approximately half of France was accessible within four hours by a single train from Paris. He was stunned by this incredible infrastructure which was built and id being maintained.

Road maps and travel maps 

He considered himself lucky, that he was able to access timetables of various Pan European journeys, that too from a single server. This also shows the coordination between the various railway systems. Kerpedjiev, created these beautiful isochorme maps to illustrate the incredible railway network connecting different points around Europe.

These maps also illustrate road maps to showcase the time taken to travel to different points in car. He also created maps showcasing the public rail networks to state the time taken for walking to platforms and stations. With the assistance of Swiss Public Transport API he was able to showcase the travel times for various cities.

In an interview Peter stated that he got his motivation and inspiration from an isochrome travel map of Vienna dating 1881. He was impressed by this map, and wanted to update the concept. After he decided to plot travel maps by train, he realized that contour lines would be ideal for presenting the information. He considers Europe to be the best in terms of the numerous travel options it offers and the train connectivity system which he considers implausible.

 He stated that in Europe the best connection are offered by trains from Berlin, Paris, Madrid and London. Trains are the most important travelling means in Europe, while some trains travel around leisurely by night or day, there are other high speed train traveling across continent. With the help of the schedules used in these beautiful maps travelers could also easily plan journey in and across Europe.

Friday, January 27, 2017

7 Most Popular Destinations in Germany

The travel mongers are always on their way to figure out the best travel destinations of the world that is sure to leave a lasting impression on their mind and soul. Venturing out for different dimensions of the world definitely harbingers a lot of fun and excitement and simultaneously is a process enrapt with a lot of learning experience and when you are puzzled in terms of selecting your holiday resort, Germany can be the most enticing holiday destination that will surely mesmerize you with their enriched heritage of European culture, tradition and history.

The 7 most watched out places in Germany are: 

  1. The Cologne Cathedral –  This castle was once heralded as the magnificent building of the world and is now the tallest twin-spired church. If you visit Germany, your journey remains incomplete if you do not figure out this cathedral which is a perfect blend of serenity and charm. UNESCO has also acclaimed it to be the World Heritage site. 
  2. Lake Constance –  It is one of the famous travel destinations in Germany. The picturesque view of the landscape around the Lake accompanied by a gentle breeze is a thumbs up for all the holiday lovers which is capable of providing a relaxing session for all the visitors. Besides, the lake also features several water based activities, hiking and biking trails, routes for skating and many more. There are many nearby resorts and hotels where you can have a nice and comfortable stay while enjoying the constant view of the landscapes. 
  3. Neuschwanstein Castle – This castle is sure to remind you of the fairy tales that you came across in your childhood. The grandeur of the castle will leave you awe-stricken. Neuschwanstein Castle build in a medieval style is also one of the aspiring places of Germany. The castle gives you a feel of dreamland. 
  4. Europa-Park Rust –  It is known as the theme park of Germany. After Disneyland of Paris, this is the most famous holiday resorts. It is one of the top-notch places for entertainment because of its many kinds of roller coasters, a 4D cinema and a lot more of attractions. 
  5. Heidelberg Castle And Old Town –  The place is classified as the most romantic spot of Germany. The city on the bank of river Neckar will leave you in a trance. This is the best place to spend some quality time with your romantic partner. The ruins of the castle turn out to be so attractive to the tourists that every year it is visited by a mass number of people. 
  6. ULM Minister – It is a Gothic Lutheran church and is also the longest church of the world. The church is a master piece of art and architecture that defines Germany at its best. 
  7. MiniaturWunderland Hamburg – It is the biggest model of railroad system in the world which draws many visitors. You cannot miss to experience this art loaded with so much of technicalities.

Monday, January 16, 2017

5 do’s and don’ts in Travel photography

Travel photography
People love to take photographs while travelling so that they can keep it as a remembrance for the future. But there are some do and don’t step to be followed while removing a beautiful snap.


Firstly always ask permission before taking any photography of any public places especially the markets stalls. It is really easy to get caught up in the beauty and excitement of being somewhere new and seeing new things. So it is best to practise to ask someone before taking a picture. If they are saying no don’t worry just say thanks and move on.

People usually love to wake up late in the morning when on vacations. But they forget that sunrise and sunset gives the best light no matter what your style of photography is, you need light.

When the sky is cloudy tourist tend to feel very upset because of the bad weather. But remember in broad daylight it filters out harsh sunlight and give you much better photos.

Always keep safety in mind. Don’t pressure yourself to get the best and the most daring photos. Travel Photography is stunning in sometimes the simplest forms, so no need to hang off the edge of a cliff.

If you are travelling to somewhere completely new do some research first to make sure you are aware of the don’ts for that specific location .Follow the rules carefully because of your safety.

Go to a popular location at unpopular times such as early morning before the crowd rolls in, where you can really enjoy your sightseeing with minimum amounts of tourist.

Do be aware that a selfie stick can also act as a weapon .Use it carefully and responsibly.

Don’t worry about getting the perfect shot. It takes the fun of adventure away. There will always be another sunset and sunrise and another new street around the corner.

Don’t ignore the signs in Museum or sacred places stating photography is forbidden. Respect the request.

Always be considerate and courteous. It is easy to block paths, create pedestrian jams and get in the way. Therefore operate with efficiency and purpose to get the shot you want without disrupting anyone else.

Do brush up on local customs and traditions before you get snapping .So that you are aware of the cultural differences.

Don’t put yourself and others at risk to achieve a Stellershot. Always be aware of your surroundings and put safety first before you.

Finally make sure you spend at least half the time at those pictures taken by you. Also take a look at the scenery around you without looking through a screen. Capturing memories is important but so is enjoying the moment.

With everything in life taking photos while travelling should always remain fun and exciting. Never take yourself too seriously and keep snapping.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Three Days Vacation on the Paradise Island: Mauritius

Usually this place is well known for honeymoon couples. But apart from them many other tourists also visit these places because of the gorgeous beaches in the world with powdery whitesand and warm azure waters. It is not only confined to beaches but there are many other activities like historicsights and lushforest there one can spend their beautiful holidays.

The streetfood in Mauritius is amongst the best in the world. It has a unique mix of Chinese, Indian,African and Creole dishes. It is full of different flavours like spices and variety of colours.

Instead of travelling in a car driven by a driver t is better to rent a car and drive yourselves.

When you drive on your own you discover a secret beach or stumble uponarestaurant and explore the hidden villages. Make sure you drive along Mauritius southerncoast .It got the best island to offer. Also you won’t forget the feeling of wind hitting your face as you drive through the winding roads to reach the southernmost tip of the island at Gris.

While driving you will be surrounded by teaplantation and enveloped with fog. If you are a tea enthusiast you could take guided must not forget to dine at the terrace restaurant. It offers stunning view of the island Mauritius and an extensive variety of teas on the menu.

Make sure you wander through a few sugarcane fields while you are in Mauritius. Sugarcane has a long history in this place.It is possible to sample a variety of sugars here.Don’t leave Mauritius without trying a glass of fresh sugarcane juice.

The people over here are warm, cheerful,welcoming and very helpful. The highlight of any trip is the people. If ever you lose your way then random strangers helps you with the directions.

The coloured earth at Chamarel is a little known village in South Mauritius which hold many surprises. Thecoloured earth with different colours like purple, yellow, oranges and red coalesce forms anduneven volcanic surfaces. The drive to Chamarel is punctuated by waterfalls and gorges. Don’t miss on visiting the view points for rugged panoramas of the mountainous areas of Mauritius.

Explore the beautiful beaches like BELLE MARE BEACH, LA CUVETTEBEACH AND LE MORNE. If you are a lover for kite surfing then Morne is the best place for you.

Mauritius is a secret rumparadise. Jamaica might be known for producing the best rum in the world, but Mauritius isn’t far behind.

There are various watersport activities such as snorkelling; deep-sea diving, deep-sea fishing, parasailing and scuba diving. You canalso experience under sea walk which is something very unique.

Skydiving for the first time is an unforgettable experience and when combined with the views over paradise on earth, a sky dive in this place will stay in your memory bank forever.

Therefore the only way to experience the true nature of the island and the people is to get out and mix around.

Monday, October 24, 2016

6 Popular Visa Free Destinations for South Africans

Come March next year, and we can expect a set of reforms for the South-African tourists visiting Europe. New Zealand, however, has the exact opposite plan. From Nov 22nd, tourists from SA cannot go to New Zealand directly without a visiting visa, that would take up to 6 weeks for processing and NZ $650 for the same. This is said to be the result of increasing number of tourists were stranded outside the borders of New Zealand when they were refused entry. According to a few travel agencies and tour operators, this would be one of the main red signs for visitors to the island country.

For the tourists who only want to be accepted wherever they go, we are compiling a list of destinations you can always go to and feel at home.

A travel agency in South Africa, Trafalgar, has disclosed that they had received a huge number of tour requests for Ireland in 2016 and hopes that the case this year won’t be different. When they had simply promoted Ireland as the visa-free destination, response from the public was very positive as they didn’t have to spend time or money haggling in the visa paperwork process. Apart from all this, the Irish offer a free extend of the stay of a visitor up to 3 months and this divulges a warm image of the nation. South African tourists can relate incredibly well to Ireland as a place with all they love – Music, Fun, Pubs, Guiness, Sport etc.

Reunion Island

Being a part of the European Union, Reunion Island will give off the real French flair along with some exotic tropical laid-back experience. An island full of French citizens and the currency being Euro tells us that this is nothing but miniature France. If you fly by Air Austral to the place, it’ll give you a nice preview with a super-friendly French crew. A good plus is that you don’t have to apply and obtain a Schengen visa if you’re a South African citizen.


The 7th most common tourists to this island are South Africans, according to a survey taken in 2016. Increased number of flights would make sure that the trend continues this year around. Seychelles has tourism as one of the key factors of its economy and its sun-filled, exotic holidays are no match for any other place that requires you to pay for visas and wait till you get them. Visa-free travel is indeed a huge incentive for potential travellers of the island.


One of the top getaways for the SA tourists around December is Mozambique, to which Fly Blue Crane airline is planning affordable flights in the near-future. This will pique the travel interest further, and trips from and to Johannesburg will become more popular and not to mention, more common.


Even for tourists with some volatile Rand in their wallets, Thailand would remain a cost-effective destination. With many options for spending the vacation, Thailand offers great experiences with great islands and its relaxed beaches. Being visa-free, it avoids all the hassles with paperwork and makes for a peaceful and quick escape.


The breath-taking island in vicinity for the South African people is Mauritius, a small island with beautiful sights for honeymooners, solo-travellers as well as family vacationers. Since there aren’t any visa requirements, the tourism has picked up recently with different packages for various needs and budgets.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Explore the Picturesque Street of This Historic Island Town Lindau

The main history of LINDAU started on an island on the lake Constance. It is known as the historical island of unrivalled charm and beauty. This place is situated in the remotest South Western corner of Bavaria. It is one of the leading TOURIST centres. There are many ways to discover this island by roaming through the old town center, visit the harbour entrance, take a boat or go sailing, admire the far off places and also for a unique experience go up in the air with a balloon.

Since Lindau is surrounded by Lake Constance there are many water sports. You can swim dive surf or go sailing .This lake is shared by Germany, Austria and Switzerland; therefore 3 countries can be visited just in one day.

Sightseeing Along With Shopping: 

The night is so beautiful that it starts to glow and turns out to be very romantic. The harbour is like a fairy tale where the lights illuminate.

The view of snow-capped mountains of Switzerland is really worth seeing. A walk along the harbour with the backdrop of Switzerland Mountains is really stunning.

To get an Ariel view of Lindau and Lake Constance one can go up in the COLOURFUL BALLOON.
SPA performances concert are held on the Lake side promenade on sultry summer evenings.

MANGTURM is another place with lovely old tower along the waterfront is one of the landmarks of Lindau. It is a very photogenic with many cafes and railway station around it. This tower resemblesRapunzel’s brad hanging from the Mangturm.

If you wish to do some shopping KAS ECKE is famous for cheese and wine lovers delight.GALERIE BUDDHA palace is famous for its statue. MOJO is a small souvenir shop on one of the streets of the old town on the island where different types of souvenir, jewellery and textile items are sold.

BAYERISCHE SPIEKBANK Lindau is a large park for such a smallish island. It features lush flowerbeds with exotic tropical plant producing a range of variety of colours. It is a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the boating pleasures. Summer is the best time to visit this town.

The LIGHT HOUSE and the LION GATE are the gate keepers to the harbour and make a pleasant aiming point for a walk. It is a gorgeous spot and a great location for photography. The water fronts are bustling with street performer’s cafes and shops.




Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bintan Island the Treasure bay


As we look forward to visiting new islands, Bintan Island is one such island that is fast becoming very popular with travellers. It is one of the most scenic and idle location in Indonesia. This place enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. Bintan is the biggest province of Riau Island.

The economy of Bintan is centred on tourism. In some of these areas one will find good resorts with its natural beauty and traditional handicrafts as souvenirs. Being a well-developed island, one will find beautiful tropical forests with different types of birds and reptiles making it a gorgeous island of Indonesia.The island attracts plenty of tourists because of its natural beauty as represented by its forests and beaches.

On the Bintan Island there is a fabulous gateway for international tourists with a stretch of beaches and clear waters offering a variety of water sports and optional accommodation of deluxe class hotels and luxury villas. Traditional villages are also plenty offering visitors a glimpse into the locals culture. A 45-minute ferry ride transports you to a world of white sandy beaches, clear blue sea, great Indonesian cuisine and plenty of outdoor activities.

Places of Interest In Bintan: 

The Best Place for Bargaining: 

Tanjung Pinang 

It is a small and friendly town. Here you can find different types of local food, pick up souvenirs. One can afford doing shopping as the wares are made locally and handmade. The street peddlers provide the best bargains with colourful display of Javanese batik cloths, local artefacts, handcrafted toys and gems. Lagoi Bay is the famous mall catering to fashions, Indonesian gifts and convenience stores.

Sunbathe And Dip At: 

Trikora Beach / Pantai Trikora 

These are a perfect spot for sunbathing or dipping in the sea. These boasts of three different hues of blue on a clear sunny day. Though camera shies these people are quiet friendly and greets the tourist with a smile. It can be difficult to get there, so taxi or bus is the best route from Tanjung Pinang. Even if the beach is isolated there are accommodations here. The sand over here is white and the water is clean, a great place for relaxation after the hot and busy streets of Tanjung Pinang. A fishing village and a small ship building factory are some of the tourist attraction.
Santa Maria Cave : 

It was built in 18th century by a Dutch Pastor. This is a home to Mother Mary statue atop a half globe. It is just opposite Trikora beach. On every Sunday devotees come and sings songs of praises while enjoying a get-together with everyone. Till date the place is still very well preserved and maintained. You should not miss out this place when you visit Bintan.

Pasar Oleh-Oleh: 

It is a cluster of Indonesian-style huts.One can taste variety of food right from local Indonesian delicacies like prawn or fish crackers, belinjo crackers, packets of dried seafood such as ikan bilis, scallops and shrimps.Kueh lapis a spongy and sweet square-shaped Indonesian cake baked to a layered perfection should be tasted.

Affordable and Fresh Sea Food At: 

Sebung Village 

If you're a seafood lover then Sebung Village is the best place. You can taste the freshness of Bintan seafood in the Kelong style restaurant with a very reasonable price too.

Bintan Elephant Park: 

Eight Sumatran elephants run the show here. These elephants are trained to perform tricks like 360 degree turns on their hind legs and then jive to some disco. This park also lets you interact with the gentle giant. One can ride on their backs and take a tour through the forest.

Outdoor Activities: 

Being an island destinations there are lots of water sports activities at the water sports centres. November to March are famous for boogie boarding, wind surfing and long boarding’s as the north easterly winds swells the water that is a surfer’s delight. April to October the calm waters makes it idle for jet skiing, water skiing, diving and snorkelling.

On land you can enjoy ATV rides, mountain biking and adventure treks. Bintan Lagoon Resort offers ATV and Segway rides.

Monday, October 17, 2016

7 Least Known Travel Attractions of Incredible India

India is a country which is proud of its unity in diversity. From the northern Himalayas to the southern tip of Kanyakumari, it is the only nation to proudly host every natural diversity there is. From snow capped peaks to scenic beaches to arid lands to the majestic Thar deserts to the jungles of Sunderbans, India is a country which truly has everything. Here are some of the yet undiscovered travelling treasures that this country has yet to offer:
  1. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh: it is a much lesser known about and explored beautiful region in the north eastern part of the country. The green fields and those patches of greenery with its intermittent playfields of the clouds and mist, this is a place where your camera wouldn’t be bored for a change. 
  2. Mawlynnong village: this village in the north eastern fringe of the country is a tiny village in the state of Shillong. It has been deemed the cleanliest village in Asia due to the ample amount of hard work its inhabitants has invested in it to make it so celestial and surreal. It is often referred to as god’s own creation and during the monsoons when the rains emerge; it takes on a whole new beautiful avatar that is often left to be viewed rather than to be described. 
  3. Tarkarli beach in Maharashtra: a truly non commercialised and undiscovered gem of this nation is this beach replete with a divine serenity and peace that is transcendental and celestial. Its pristine waters with it long, narrow beaches with their rows of shuru trees all make for quite a compelling picture. 
  4. Lepchajagat, west Bengal: if you are bored with the commercialization, urbanization and over-crowded claustrophobia of Darjeeling then this place is spot on for you. It also provides breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga but at the same time it also provides the quiet and calm that is missing from the queen of hills. You could also indulge in long walks through the narrow winding roads filled with pine, firs and rhododendrons and enjoy a scenic sunrise from the ghoom rock. 
  5. Manas national park, Assam: if you love being in the bosom of nature but you are bored with the same old, same old then take a trip to Manas National Park in Assam which is a tiger reserve as well as an elephant and a biodiversity reserve. Visit from October to April and indulge in a peaceful holiday here. 
  6. Nohkalikai Falls: if you are in shilling then take the road less taken and be in for the most beautiful view of your life. Nestled amidst lush greenery the Nohkalikai Waterfalls hold the crown for being the waterfall with the tallest plunge in our country. It cascades from an altitude of 340 metres. 
  7. Drass: even the rapid tourist influx in Ladakh has left many avid travellers in a flux. However Drass near the Zoji La pass in the Kargil district is also known as the ‘Gateway to Ladakh’ and is known to be the second coldest inhabited place in the world. 

 So pack your bags and get out for a vacation that you would always remember.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fright Festivals and Other Chilling Reasons to Travel

Fright Festivals
Image Credit:Nytimes
Travelling with your friends and family can be made more interesting if you plan your vacation at the correct time and place. All that every traveler expects from its holidays are lots and lots of fun that would enforce you to create ravishing memories which you will cherish all thorough out your life. Its all about experiencing some quality time with your near and dear ones. One of such reasons that will illumine your holiday with lot of fun, thriller, excitement and many more is

Fright Festivals

This festival is about Halloween stuffs that will remind you of your childhood days. It has always been a lot of fun and excitement as it is a festival of fear and terror all over the territory enfolded with a lot of happy surprises. It’s like a fancy dress competition that seems to be going on in the entire locality. Everyone dresses like ghosts and zombies and move about in the streets.

All the schools, colleges and offices are given holidays during this festival. Everyone may that be a kid, a teen-ager or an adult are dressed in their most weird attires and that’s the most interesting part of this festival. All the ghosts from the hell seem to be walking freely on the streets. Its sheer awe-strucking moment when you just cannot miss out looking even at a single person. There are many zombie competition and cultural programs organized during this time which is worth watching.

One of the most interesting of them is the zombie walk. The best dress is awarded a price and since it is a festival related to creativity, the ones with the best creative skills are also awarded. Since this festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm, you can expect to get discounts in hotel fairs and restaurants as well. So, traveling during the fright festival is both a new experience clubbed with lot of enjoyments and fun that will make your vacation a memorable one fitting in your budget.

Several Other Occasions Are: 

Shoulder Season – It is the time between early September and October. During this time the rush at the holiday destinations are much reduced. Hence, to attract travelers discounts are given on ticket bookings, hotel fairs and also on many tourist attractive places. So, you can plan your trip at your favorable spot without experiencing much stress on your expenses.

Religious Festivals – You can also plan your festival to the places when it is the time for their most enticing religious festival, due to this you can get the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and heritage of many places and add them to your wardrobe of memories and can feel the essence later. Besides, you can also experience discounts in all fields related to your trip. The festivals can actually turn out to be the best periods to go for holidaying at the respective places that you had wished for with your friends and family.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Top Travel Destinations for Kids

Who doesn’t love to travel? But when you have children, you begin contemplating a thousand things before you can start travelling. Would the place be child friendly? Would it be safe? Would your child enjoy it? The things to take into consideration increase a manifold when you are a parent. So if you are looking to plan your next vacation as a family, here are the best travel destinations in India:

  1. Puri, odisha: Puri is a centre of devotion. It houses the temple of Jagannath and is known to attract devotees from across the world. It is also a scenic beach on the eastern side of the nation. Bengali parents generally commence their touring as a family from this place. It not only teaches the child about our rich history but the beach is quite clean for you to take a dip in.
  2. Darjeeling: the queen of Bengal, Darjeeling is beauty personified. There are families which go back to Darjeeling time and again being mesmerised by its compelling beauty. So make sure you take your child to breathe in the fresh mountain air and soak in the beauty of Kanchenjungha.
  3. Andaman: Andaman and Nicobar islands might be union territories within the Indian constituency and Nicobar might be out of bounds, but visit Andaman at least once in your lifetime. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places in India but it is also a place that needs to be visited to understand the sacrifice that our freedom fighters went through to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Also there are a number of beach activities that you can indulge in with your child.
  4. Himachal Pradesh: there is a reason why Himachal Pradesh is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. The Delhi-Manali route is absolutely breathtaking, and everything from the hills to the peaks to the temples to the air- is outstandingly beautiful. The snow clad peaks and the celestial Rhotang pass is a must visit with your family if you want to have snow fights and bring back ample memories.
  5. Kerala: where better to take your child for a vacation than god’s own country Kerala? Visit Munnar and enjoy relaxing boat rides at Muttupetty Lake. Look out for the Nilgiri Thar when you visit the Rajamalai national park. Visit Wayanad and visit the Eddekal Lake or the Pokot Lake or the refreshing bath under the Soochippara waterfalls. Go up to Kochin and enjoy the backwater boat rides and a relaxing ambience with your child.
  6. Corbett national park: if you are die hard nature lover and you wish to initiate your children too, the Corbett national park in Uttarakand is an ideal place to visit as a family. Take an early morning safari and soak in all the beauty Mother Nature can bestow on you.
  7. Aurangabad, Maharashtra: it is the place which houses the famous Ajanta caves and other indigenous buildings from the 12th century BC. It also has Ellora caves and other places to visit from which you and your child can bring back a host of memories

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Why Slovenia Should Be On Your European Bucket List



Slovenia –The most Interesting Holiday Destination In Europe

A place that can quench your desire to plan a vacation in Europe is Slovenia, located in Central Europe. The grandeur of this country is such that you get the feeling of travelling entire Europe from this location. Being at the centre, you feel to be in the heart of the continent without compromising with the leisure of travelling. Make your trip happening by flying on to this earthly paradise, having the opportunity to embrace the purity and bliss of nature to its fullest while flapping through the scenic beauty of the place.

The Tourist Herns Of Slovenia

The most imperative aspect that molds people to choose this location for holidaying is the wide range of tourist corners. The place is an amalgamation of picturesque view of the mountains and valleys along with the panoramic view of the oceans and lakes. Lake Bled which is a glacial lake is accompanied by hot springs. The place also has its historical sites with the medieval town of Bled that situates a top-notch church along with a Cliff side Castle that attempts to merge its visitors with the rich and prestigious heritage of Europe as a whole.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia also welcomes the guests whole heartedly by presenting them Baroque facades mixed with contemporary architecture of native Joze Plecnik and its classy Tromostovje (Triple Bridge) spreads out the famous Ljubljanica River. The place boasts for its vast meadows, clean rivers and forests that give a proper shape to this place from all ends.

The other geographic locations include four main European regions, the Alps, the Dinaric area, the Pannonian plain and the Mediterranean. The major tourist attractions are the famous caves with their decoration of stalactites and Stalagmites in Postojna. The impact of its rich culture is also present on the fooding habits of this country.

Accommodation in Slovenia

The other most influencing aspect of travelling is the comfort of dwelling. Everybody wants a peaceful stay at their vacation that remains undisputed by any kinds of stress giving them complete privacy in a pleasant ambience. There are certain places that give you a luxurious feel amongst the vicinity of nature. Like Lushna Eco Villas and several other resorts makes your living extremely desirable. The infrastructure is entirely natural that gives you a fresh feel all throughout your stay. All that you had always expected from your holiday resort can be made available here.

Why Slovenia?

With its rich cultural and historical touch in everything, it marks the place distinct from all other countries of Europe. The reason why it should be in the hit list of your travel destination of Europe is very subtly it leaves a lasting impression on your mind and soul. The memories that you create here with your loved ones will force you to land up to this place again and again.

Slovenia is both exciting and exhilarating with its diverse options of tourist sites. You not only get the option to experience various things of utmost fancy but can also cherish a mesmerizing stay at the holiday resorts in all comfort and privacy.

6 Fastest Growing Travel Destinations

People in the 21st century live a hectic and stressful life under the constant hustle and bustle of the city. So in between this hullabaloos we need a break from our everyday routine to compose and pacify ourselves. And the best way to soothe our souls is a vacation. People are no more interested in the familiar vacation spots but are expanding their horizons and contriving the world. Surprising tourist spots have surfaced where tourism is booming.
  1. PARAGUAY - This travel destination with enchanting natural beauty tops the list of growing travel destination. It is a place of contrasts where dense forests exist side by side with towns and cities. A city rich in culture and history is often referred to as Heart of America. The Municipal Museum and The Visual Arts Museum in the capital city of Asuncion is famous for their unusual exhibits. The Jesuit Missions of La Santisima Trinidad de Parana and Jesus de Taravangue are world heritage sites demonstrating excellent architecture of the 1700. 
  2. TAJIKISTAN - The next emerging holiday destination has astounding rugged landscape that promises a good deal of adventure for adventure lovers, trekkers and climbers. The breathtaking view of the Pamir Mountains and Lake Karakol are the major attractions. The capital city of Dushanbe is located at the meeting points of River Kofarnihon and River Vazorb. The scenic beauty here is undeniably marvelous. 
  3. NIUE- The alluring and enchanting Niue which means behold the coconut, is an independent nation packed with plenty of astonishment for intrepid travelers. Popular as the Rock of Polynesia or the Rock of Love as the natives call it excites the tourists for fishing, kayaking, caving and guided hiking. Another major attraction is the whales nursing their calves in the warm water of Niue. The outrageously scenic Niue should be on the bucket list for the next trip! 
  4. JAPAN- It is the land of juxtaposition where tradition coexists with modernity. In the suburbs one can easily find a video games parlor beside a farmer’s paddy field. Japan is naturally beautiful all through the year. The most visited sites are the Temple of Golden Pavilion, Tokyo Imperial Palace and Mt. Fiju, the highest peak of Japan. The building of the Pavilion is covered in a golden leaf that gets reflected in the pond. The palace showcases Japan's history and art and functions both as a museum and an administration center. 
  5. ICELAND- Located at the edge of the Arctic Circle, it is a place where nature is in its prime, unparalleled and unrivalled. Iceland is an amalgamation of fjords, volcanic spots dominated by glaciers. The Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis is a spectacle worth witnessing during winter. Reykjavik the largest and the capital city of Iceland have great museums and art districts. The Blue Lagoon is a man made geothermal spa that is the only wonder in the world where one can swim in the clear water in 40 degree yet can be surrounded by snow. 
  6. BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA- The hospitable people and the fusion of East and West atmosphere entices vacationers from all over the world. The undulating visually stunning land is historically very rich. It is renowned for its culture and cuisine. Major draw cards are Sarajevo and Mostar. Sarajevo the largest cultural capital features the oldest theaters and museums. It is considered to be the Jerusalem of Europe because of its diversity. Mostar is the most visited place where an ols bridge or Stari Most is situated and River Neretva flows under it. Surrounded by majestic mountains it is a magnificent city to visit.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

6 Destinations to Book Now for "Shoulder Season" Travel

Shoulder season is the most favorable time to go for holidays as everything goes according to your preference. The span between early September and October is generally known as the Shoulder Season. This is an off timing for vacation and due to this unhasty situation to boost up tourism discounts are available in every sector may that be ticket fares or accommodation that acts as a seasoning. The most important aspect of travelling is that it should fit in your budget. You can enjoy your tour to its fullest only if you are completely free from the stress of your daily life and if the expenses do not exceed the desired limit. Your dream holiday destinations can be fulfilled if you go by this prospectus. Here are 6 destinations that can be most happening during the Shoulder Season.
  1. Australia – One of the most apt places to visit during the shoulder season is Australia as you can be privileged to get additional lease on accommodation and travelling allowance. The atmosphere is also very admiring during this time as the spring season is on set. It is the time of Sydney Fringe Festival and Night Noodle Markets that will fill your vacation with a lot of excitement. 
  2. Hawaii – This location is easily affordable as the rates of the hotels swoops down during the shoulder season. Discounts are also available on airfare. The weather conditions during this time in Hawaii are very pleasant that will add an extra charm to your holidaying. 
  3. Greece – The onslaught of shoulder months strikes a blow at the tourism of this place. As you can easily avail hotel rooms for yourself. This is the most desired time to visit Greece. Since, this place is famous for its rich cultural and historical backdrop there are several tourist attractive destination and because of the off season they are less crowded and hence you can enjoy peacefully at these herns with your friends and family that will enable you to built everlasting memories without experiencing any sort of stress. 
  4. Florida – The tourism of this place dies during the shoulder season and hence to equate the profit margins you get the best deals for everything starting from ticket fares to accommodation. You can easily visit the Theme Parks and other renowned places without any trouble as the school and college are in session. This is the best time to travel Florida since the hotel rates are trimmed down that will keep your vacation in your budget. 
  5. France – This place is famous for its Parisian hotel and you can avail discounts here during the shoulder season. Flight promotions are also available for you. Visiting France during this time can be lot more fashionable as Paris organizes Fashion shows and Trade Fairs that can be a new experience altogether. 
  6. Ireland – Another most fascinating place that can be easily affordable during the shoulder season because of the huge discounts that you get in almost every domain of holidaying. Other than the trimmed rates you also feel privilege to witness the festivals of Dublin like Fringe Festival and Oktoberfest that will be a fresh and new addition to your memories of travelling.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Places You Must Travel To Around India If You Love Photography

India is a motherland of many enigmas. India is the domain of flawless beauty which makes the country alluring and at peace land on the earth. Our country has not only classy natural beauty; it is also full of rich culture and historical places. Many historical monuments are found in India. So, these make India one of the most attractive lands for photography. From its scenic beauty to the rich culture and the great history and emotions around India, your lens can snap if it is at the proper place at the proper time. Here are some top places of natural beauty and historical significance with full of regional culture which are most appropriate places for a photographer.


Ladakh is one of the height tourist spots at Jammu and Kashmir in India. It has a spectacular landscape for photography. You can capture the mountains or the elegance of super blue Pangong Lake, the wildlife and the birds that gather around lakes. You can watch here the wildlife that can’t be seen anywhere in the country and also see the views from the longest navigable road in the world. The culture of Ladakh slows its traditions and uniqueness. Apart from these there are many monasteries rarely framed to escalate photography opportunities and snap the booming ethos of Ladakh. The appropriate time to stopover for photography is from July to September.



Rajasthan is the most well-known historical place all over India. It is enriched with several historical monuments and forts. Jaipur is the pink city of India because most houses are hued in pink. Amer Mahal which is composed with sand stone and marble, HawaMahal a high screen wall, City Palace which is a Mughal architecture are the main attractions of Jaipur. Aside from these Jaigarh Fort in Bikaner, Mehrangarh Fort are marvelous click-worthy places. Mount Abu is a fabulous hill station of Rajasthan and perfect for photo click. You can capture the wildlife of Mount Abu wildlife Sanctuary.

Agra and New Delhi: 

New Delhi is the capital of India and it is one of the biggest cities in India. It is adorned with many historical facts and monuments. QutubMinar, the tallest brick Indo-Islamic architectural minaret in all over the world; The Red Fort, the residence of Mughal Emperor; The India Gate, a war memorial; Humayun’s Tomb, a Mughal architecture designed by Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, a Persian architect, these are the center of attraction in New Delhi. The Tajmahal, blocked out with full of marble stone in Agra is one of the wonder among the seven wonders of World. It is the biggest enticement of India. Agra fort and many other attractions are also picturesque.


Kashmir is the called heaven of India. It is set like a crown at the top of the India and cradled in the lap of magnificent mountains of the Himalayas. Is has dual mood of beauty, one in winter, when this paradise is enveloped with snow and another in spring and summer, when the lavish natural beauty of greenery, fruits and flowers are enrich this land. This land is the king of landscape. You can click the spellbound beauty of Dal Lake full of flowers by riding shikara, the apple gardens and the different types of flower gardens.


Maharashtra is the state, surrounded by places which are icons to the photo enthusiasts. There are prehistoric monuments, temples, waterfalls and festivals that are flushed with culture which are very much photogenic. The Ajanta and Ellora Caves are the relevant places for photography. Malsejh Ghat, Kaas Plateau with full of wild flowers, Lonar Crater lake, Rajgad Fort in Pune, Lonavala in between Mumbai and Pune are charming places for photographers.


The mountains, backwaters, beaches, hill stations, boat race, backwater cruise on a house boat, culture, natural beauty and each and every element of Kerala are serene and picture perfect.

Alleppy, the Venice of east is renowned for backwaters trip and boat races. Kochi is accepted as the finest natural harbor in the world. A photographer feels crazy too see the liberal beauty of Kerala.

In spite of these place there are thousands of places that are ideal for photography in India like Cherapunji in Meghalaya; Shillong in north east India; Dehradun, Mussoorie, Manali, Kulu in Uttarakhand; Sandakfu in west Bengal; Coorg in Karnataka; Andaman and Nicobar Island; Varanashi which is the place of interest, festivals, religious culture or landscape etc. For wildlife photography you can travel to Bandhavgarh National Park and Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh. These fabulous places all over India make the country generous for photographers.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Places To Shed Your Clothes

Barton Springs
We are talking about skinny dipping which means the art of stripping down to your bare buttocks and swimming. There are some places around the world where one can take that plunge by stripping themselves and enjoy swimming.

Barton Springs: 

It is located in Austin’s Ziker Park not far from the UT campus. Austenite love and revere Barton Springs like no other spot. The scenic Barton creek watershed flows through Texas Hill country. There are 60 natural springs and 20 caves providing recreation for nature lovers. Barton creek is famous for water athletics, kayaking, Canoeing, tubing and year round swimming.

Barton spring Pool is the locals favourite .This man made swimming pool is located in downtown Austin, which is the largest spring in Texas.

North Avenue Beach Chicago: 

It is one the most popular beaches it is a unique beach house. This ocean is very sleek. It is the center stage for the Chicago Air and Water show. There is plenty to do on the beach like building sand castles and swimming. You can enjoy the beach house shaped like a gigantic beached boat. One can rent equipment’s so you can play volleyball, bring your own bikes or rollerblades to the beach and enjoy zooming along the path.

Lake Calhoun: 

It is the largest lake in Minneapolis .It is surrounded by city park land and circled by bike and walking trails. It has many outdoor activities like fishing, canoeing, wind surging, swimming andsailing. There are three beaches at Lake Calhoun the North Beach, The 32nd street beaches and Thomas beach. Thomas beach is for serious sunbathers who spread out towels and sun lotion on the grassy parkland around the lake. Sunbathing on the north or east side of Lake Calhoun isn’t for the shy. Where you lie depends on how much you want to be seen.

Girl Get Away in Miami: 

When you are in a mood for a girl’s weekend, there’s nothing better than a fun filled getaway to Miami. When the weather is sunny everyone enjoys being out in the water. Get your sunscreen and tan at the pool, go to the beach. People prefer going to National Hotel Miami’s where they have longest infinity pool. There is also a pool party with hot DJ’s at ”SWIM CLUBSATURDAY” on HYDE Beach.

Fisherman’s Cove –UK: 

This is the beautiful coastal stretch where many people go to skinny dip in UK but something very striking is that not only waters a gorgeous shade of turquoise but the white sandy beach and the surrounding cliffs is a perfect spot for tourist and locals alike to strip down and relax.

Paradise Beach Greece: 

This is a beach where party never stops. It is a perfect beach for all you party people. No wonder it is called Paradise Beach. So if you are looking for somewhere quiet and relaxing atmosphere this beach is not a perfect beach because this beach is full of banging bars, crazy clubs and raving restaurants,

Maslin Beach South Australia: 

This beach is famous for their breath taking white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters. It is known as one ofAdelaide’s oldest nudist beach. It is a beautiful long stretch of Beach which is perfect for long walks.

So why not go and enjoy the fun at the beautiful beaches by plunging into them.

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2016 Best Budget Travel Destinations

The best thing about travelling is that you get to spend some marvelous time with your friends and family without any hindrances may that be work load or buzzes of the city life, you seem to be a free man or woman for some days. But one thing that can lead you to a stressful situation even during your leisure time is your level of expenses. So, to free yourself from the grip of excess budget you need to think of places that will enable you to cherish a blissful vacation at an affordable range.

As the world is changing at a fast pace in regards to climate, state boundaries, names of the locations, governments and many more, the travel destinations also seem to take a turn. The best way a state is managed in regard to its tourism the most preferable location it becomes in terms of its tourists resort. In 2016 with the change in many state policies the genre of best tourist attractions has also gone into a change. Here are some places that you surely need to visit in order to have an unhindered experience of holidaying filled with lot more excitement and thriller.

  1. BOTSWANA – In 2016 you surely need to go to Botswana because this year it celebrates 50th year of Independence. So it’s a festive year for the country and thus has a lot more stuffs to offer to its guests. Botswana is a budget friendly destination where all your desires will be fulfilled at an affordable price and this year this concession is available on all grounds. It is a country of deserts and deltas that will give you a different experience all together. There are many national parks that will turn out to be exciting for the animal lovers. 
  2. JAPAN – 2016 is the most preferred time to visit Japan as for the starters the government is attempting to devalue the Japanese yen, which means the country is most feasible now in terms of expenditure. Japan is a wild country and a perfect resolute for the shopping lovers where you can buy everything you want at an affordable price. It is the exact year to go and gave a gala time with your loved ones that too in the most convenient manner without overloading your budget. 
  3. USA – This place is always a dream destination for all the holiday seekers. 2016 can prove out be the most affordable year for them who aspires to visit this most powerful country in history, especially the lovers of the flora and fauna kingdom as it’s the 100th anniversary of America’s National Park Service. You can also witness the rich reserves of nature along with the panoramic views of the majestic mountains that will leave you spell bound. 
  4. LATVIA – This year seems to be an era of independent anniversaries for most of the countries as Latvia too is celebrating 25th year of independence from the Soviet Union. So you expect to get concession in all most all the spheres that will make your vacation a little less expensive. Between a flock of new chefs have come up to illuminate the cuisine of this place that will add a delicious and an unforgettable hinge to your vacation.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Afghanistan, the Land-Locked Nation

Briefing about Afghanistan: 

Afghanistan is located in Southern Asia which has no water boundaries but surrounded by China, Turkmenistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. The country has rugged, snow covered and arid deserts. KANDAHAR was the first capital of Afghanistan but later KABUL became the capital city. Agriculture is the main source of income to this country. The winter is quiet harsh. In fact from December to January it always snows, especially the northern parts of Afghanistan, where they have snowy white landscapes. Tourists are scared to go to Afghanistan, but there are places that are totally safe.

Entertainment and Culture: 

The government system is an Islamic Republic.99 percent Afghans inhabitants are Muslim. The languages spoken in Afghanistan are known as PASHTO and DARI. NAWROZ is a New Year on 21 st March celebrated by Afghanistan. Afghanistan would like its National game BUZKASHI or GOAT-GRABING to be an Olympic Sport. POETRY is a special part of Afghan culture. This country is very strict in culture. Men and women will never exchange greetings with each other. The dressing attire is also very strict.

To The Adventurous Traveller This Country Contains Plenty Of Mountains, Lakes And Sightseeing To Explore And Venture.

BAND-E-AMIR is a best sightseeing place. It is a group of five turquoise lakes.The color of water is deep blue. It is the first national park in the country. It is also called the LAKE OF JEWEL.This Lake was formed naturally with extraordinary geological formation.

KHYBER PASS is an important site in Afghanistan. It has served as an important trade route between central Asia and South Asia. Crossing Khyber Pass is one of the important pass in history which is quiet adventurous.

BAMIYAN is one of the main tourist attractions in central Afghanistan. Every year a handful of adventurous ski tourist are brave enough to make a long trek to Bamiyan even though it’s the most dangerous countries in the world.These Magnificent snow-capped mountains found deep within a country are virtually untouched.
KABUL is largest city and capital of Afghanistan. Some of the well-known place to visit is the Gardens of Babur, the Bagh-e-Bala palace, park and the market known as Bagh-e-Zanana. Kabul zoo and the National museum are also worth visiting.

THE beauties of the countryside and mountain passes are undeniable, with no shortage of treks, drive routes and trails. You can have a memorable and rewarding trip. Trekking to sacred sites and driving through some of the world’s most breath-taking mountain passes are two of the most pleasurable experience and activities in this place. Another popular drive is across the stunning shomali plains.

The MINARET OF JAM in Afghanistan is the second tallest Minaret in the world. The carvings around the minaret are very impressive, reflecting the pre historic history of the region.

TORA BORA is located within the White Mountains called as Safed Koh.The Tora Bora cave complex is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

The Vibrant blue stone called LAPIS LAZULI, is rich in this place. It has been used to beautify the tomb of Tutankhamen, the Egyptian King.

The Greek constructed a city at AI KHANOUM situated in Afghanistan which has a Gymnasium and a Theatre. The monument had devotions in Greek towards Hercules And Herakles and also had a big figurine to Zeus. It is a Heritage site there.

OPIUM is the largest and fastest growing produce in Afghanistan. 80 to 90 percent of the heroin sold in Europe comes from Opium grown in Afghanistan.

Snow Leopard, Leopard Gecko, Red Giant Flying Squirrel, Long Eared Desert Hedgehog and Corsac Fox are some of the famous animals.

The Meal in Afghanistan is incomplete with no NAAN, which is flat unleavened bread. They like to have their favourite drinkTEA after their popular meal PALAU. The Popular food is MANTI – A steamed dumpling filled with spiced lamb or beef. PALAO is rice cooked with spices, meat and vegetables and GOSH FEEL is dough shaped into an ear shape, fried and covered in sugar and pistachio nuts.


RUGS are produced in Afghanistan which is very popular around the world.

What Attracts People To This Place Is Ts Diverse Landscape From Mountains To Deserts To Lakes.

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6 Travel Destinations that Will Inspire Your Decorating


Why then, the world’s mine oyster, which i with sword will open”-The merry wives of Windsor (act II, scene ii), William Shakespeare.

While for most travelling still exudes a certain amount of associated luxury, still for a lot of people it becomes the sole purpose to fulfil their soul’s thirst by forever nurturing their wanderlust. And some get so inspired and overwhelmed by their travel expeditions that they decide to bring a piece of their travails and memories back with them through their decors.

If travelling is as necessary to you as breathing and you enjoy reminiscing about your travails even while you are home, then these destinations would sure find their way into your little personal space:

  1. Paris: Audrey Hepburn had famously said, “Paris is always a good idea” and indeed a good idea it is. The city of romance, the fashion capital of the world with the Eiffel tower looming large over all its citizens, and the Sienne flowing through it, Paris is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in the world with its tiny apartments exuding cosy chic and every corner offering a new literal picture postcard, incorporate effortless glam into your living room with neutral colour palettes or the juxtaposition of feminine antique against more masculine contemporary pieces. 
  2. Rajasthan: From the chic to the effervescently exuberant- Rajasthan a state on the western border of India, boasts of everything colourful and joyous. Incorporate the bright hues of yellow and oranges and deck up your space with certain signature pieces giving an interesting and beautiful twist to your space. 
  3. Morocco: With its rich intricate rugs and flowing designs and geometric design and mosaics with infinitely accurate details morocco is an architecturally progressive city. With its quintessential “marakkesh” design, the Moroccan influence in your lifestyle can be incorporated through mosaics and soothing blue Mediterranean hues with a hint of glitz. 
  4. Spain: if you are a movie buff and you like Woody Allen, then chances are you fell in love with Barcelona alongside Vicky and Christina as they had embarked on their seductive journey of falling in love. Spain is a country replete with architectural jewels and a scenic natural abundance, so if you wish to bring Spain back with you, then effortlessly do so with carved corbels, alluring talavera and saltillo tiles. Drape your wooden chairs with huipils and a whimsical theme running throughout.
  5. Japan: There is more to Japan than sushi, sashimi and wasabi. While Japanese decor is minimalistic, it is also very zen. So if you would like to de-clutter your world and incorporate traditional plants like bonsai and bamboo. Bring in those large glass sliding doors that you witnesses during your travels and see your space transform. 
  6. Costa Rica: Known widely for its beaches, tropical weather and extensive biodiversity, Costa-Rica is a slice of paradise on earth. And if you have already tasted its essence why not assimilate the essence within your decor through flamingo accents, lush greenery and bright hues?