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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How to Stay Productive During a Flight Delay

Flight Delay
These two words FLIGHT DELAY can make our heart sink the moment you see a new time on the flight board, and then we just think and stare now what.

NOW a days it seems that wait times have become more unbearable .Travel delays can happen when you least expect them. So it is best to be prepared rather than spending your waiting time on Facebook. Delay can always happen whether you are travelling for a vacation or for a business trips.Try to use these simple strategies to help time pass by more quickly and productively.

Make sure you have personal Wifi hot spot on your phone or other mobile devices that can be valuable for travelling entrepreneurs. You can find a business lounge or first class lounge that offers comfortable seats and other amenities. The main thing is don’t forget your charger which will leave you stranded doing nothing.

Being productive isn’t always about completing specific task right away. If you spend all your time during a flight delay, doing your work. Then you might find yourselves too worn out by the time you reach your destination. So it is important to take a break during your delay and grab a healthy snack to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

Get compensated for your delay flight in case of business loss or loss time .Put in your requirement so that you can get your money back or even a credit towards a future flight. Most of the airline passengers receive refunds for flights that are cancelled or delayed by more than two hours, even if it is a non-refundable fare. Some airlines also pay a packages of 500$ for expense like accommodation, meals, transportation and toiletries.

Flight delay causes a lot of stress and one feels overwhelmed. Instead of brooding about the situation, start to meditate. Meditation can be practised anywhere. It doesn’t require any special equipment. Just a few minutes you are able to clear your mind and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for your next morning.

Try to take a stroll inside the airport visiting shops of different articles; sometimes some airports have mini-spas that offer massages and other treatment.

If the delay is long enough then you can go out for a sight-seeing. Find out from any local where someone can arrange a quick tour of the city.

Therefore it is always good to have another plan B whether it’s personal entertainment, professional work.
Find alternatives things to do, that can make your time a little more productive.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Simple Hacks That Make Flying Cheaper and Better

Flying around the world for free is a dream of everybody but it is not possible. There are plenty of other tricks, tips and hacks to help you save pennies on planes while receiving top treatment. Some times you will feel so infuriating that what a mistake you have done when a friend tells you that he has booked the same flight as you have booked to the same exotic destination for hundreds of dollars less. Therefore that are some tips below where you can ensure you get a best holiday at a best price. The hack will not only save some money but could furnish you with a second holiday for the price of one.

If you are a frequent traveller with children then one must reach the airport early. Use the family room in the club lounges to watch T.V. and use Wifi because if you intend to go and sit in the club lounges it will be very expensive since you have to grab snacks, drinks and lots more where you will be paying a high amount.

New products are invented for travellers to lighten their load. So update yourselves on the newest items designed to make travel easier and don’t land up paying extra for your luggage.

If you love to stretch your legs at ease instead of sitting couched up, find the best seats on the plane before you buy your ticket. Also get a seat towards the USB port.

If you want to park your vehicle at the airport parking space so that when you return home from your trip take a snap shot of your parking space to help you remember where you have parked.

There is app that advises travellers on the cheapest days of the year to fly, where one can save a lot on average. You can also shift your travel time a day or two either side, or to a slight anti social hour. Book your ticket at least 47 days before a trip.

Bring your own plastic bags. Most of the airport gives them for free, but there are some that will charge you for resalable plastic bags to put your hand luggage liquids in. Bring your own snacks instead of spending money on them in the airport.

If the queue for check in and security is the same, then go for the one on the left. The queue on the left hand is usually shorter.

Make friends with the flight attendants by speaking their language, by this way you can win their heart by getting free food and drinks.

Usually thunderstorm and bumpy air occur usually in the afternoon. So it is best to fly early morning as the tickets are cheaper. Always fly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays, so that you can save your money as the airlines can’t afford empty seats on flights and lower fares to encourage off peak booking.

For getting away quickly at the baggage claim counter invest in a suitcase that is eye catching.

For booze lovers you can bring alcohol onto the plane as long as they’re in bottles 3.4 Oz or smaller.

Friday, November 18, 2016

How to Survive On Air with an Infant

For all of us flying is a nerve-wrecking. But flying with a baby is a hundred times harder than flying alone. There are many question put up like will she sleep? Will he cry? Will your seat mates understand or give you a dirty look? So flying with kids is never easy but a little preparation before the flight can go a long way.

Always book an early flight since the baby is in a good mood during early in the day.

First thing is KEEP BOTTLES, PACIFIERS AND TOYS HANDY. So that while sucking and swallowing it will help relieve the pressure during take-off and landing. Since the babies don’t know enough to pop their ears.

Always BE PATIENT WITH YOUR BABY AND YOURSELF since they are too small to understand anything.

Do reserve the bulk head seat and a Bassinet for a long hour flight. This will give you a place to attend to your baby comfortably.

Pay for extra legroom: It makes holding a lap child much more comfortable plus there is more room on the ground for your bulky diaper bag.

Bring both toys and treats like lollipops so they get busy while take-off or landing.

Pack the carry bag wisely. Ensure that there are plenty of nappies, wipes,cloths, bottles of formula, and change of clothes.

Always request for an aisle seat so that it is easier to move out along with the baby and don’t stumble on other passenger. But sometimes it is not good to sit since you are in the way of the flight attendant and creates many other distractions where the baby will get disturbed.

Have a bottle of water handy. Flying and breast-feeding are both dehydrating the mother. The mothers can drink sit themselves in order to stay hydrated enough to nurse the child.

Do carry little extra of familiar food ,milk and diapers because sometime the plane gets delayed for hours together and your child doesn’t have anything for outsides so at least what you have carried comes handy.

Don’t ever try to give your baby any medication especially any drowsy medicines so that baby will sleep well on the plane.

There is a saying that A HUNGRY BABY IS USUALLY A GRUMPY BABY. So feeding is one way to keep baby happy on the boards.

Choosing a family friendly or baby friendly airline can make life easier. Bring in a stroller as it can also be a bed or a high chair.

Usually some passengers are not used to the baby crying and yelling .They will shout and yell at you but be calm.

Dress yourself and the infant properly for the trip. As one knows how well the airflow on the plane is you can get extremely cold or extremely hot.