Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Erice of Sicily

Erice of Sicily
In the west of Sicily there is a place emerging as high as 750 meters from earth. From this distant view only you can find that there is a certain air to this place which distinguishes it from the surrounding as if this has its own personality and distinct objectives. But still it’s a Sicilian town and has historical background like one. But it is said to have attracted great personalities of the past like the one Hercules and Aeneas. Like many other Sicilian towns it has been captured by many invaders and recaptured by another.

This town has now emerged as a grand travel destination and the most visited sites of all are Pepoli Castle and Venus Castle. These two castles have been built by Arabs and Normans consecutively. These castles offers a very fun visit which is also packed with a visit to its museum where you can find the stuff related to their history. There are also shops where you can purchase replicas and mementos of the castles and the famous things around. There are as many as 60 churches including the church of Saint John the Baptist. It is situated on the top of mount Erice at around 750 meters. There are many adjoining municipalities also. Today Erice plays a very important role in hosting many international conferences and scientific conferences. Significant among them is a conference related to astronomy.

But it is not all that is about Erice. It is a fantastic art center too and a number of artists crowd themselves here. If you love the art on your summer vacation its perfect location, otherwise you might also trying to absorb a little culture- everything for everyone’s taste. You'll be able to not get it wrong with Erice.

One more interesting thing to know about the Erice is that it has had its name changed many times and it has had names like Eryx and more. The name originally when the Greeks first habituated the city was Elymian city.

This town is situated not very far from Sicily where you can reach very easily. There are numerous four wheel services as well as air services which you can choose from. From there you can very easily reach Erice.

As the economy has transformed itself according to the tourism business there is not much to worry about if you are planning to visit Erice for tourism purpose. The best thing which is associated with the town of Erice is that once you reach here there are a lot many places also which you can visit. Nearby you will find the grand city of Sicily and Aeolian Islands which you can chose to visit. In fact if you are travelling by the help of a travelling company to here they offer package deals to let you visit all these places also.

You will certainly get fond of the town and the region itself. It has a lot to offer quietness, its culture as well as the delicious food for which it is renowned in the whole world.

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