Monday, March 10, 2014

Cefalù of Sicily

Cefalù of Sicily
Travelling Sicily is a package deal in itself. Once you get in this province everything you see seems like a tourist spot. All the time is just like picnic. People you observe are calm. They are helpful and also proud of their inheritance but of course in a very good way. Situated just an hour drive from the city Palermo, Cefalù is has signature of its own. It is a small town but the hospitalities present here are pretty big. Cefalù have nice beaches, a decent marketplace and of course the nicest of all fish to be eaten for. There is a Norman cathedral also for you to be visited. Thus in a single line only the versatility of the place is described. It serves fun on its beaches. It serves excitement in its marketplace and boasts its history in Norman cathedral.

For the history enthusiast among you this place go back at least to the Greek period and even found existing in historical findings. The normal cathedral present here is new to this extent and was built around 1130 AD. This cathedral is counted in the three main points to be visited while in Sicily. First being the palatine chapel in Palermo another one the Duomo in Monreale with, of course, the Norman cathedral.

Another attraction of the place is an antiquity washhouse which is situated nearby a natural spring and is also fed by it only. There is the residence of Ontario Magno which was king roger’s residence itself. Today this is used for art exhibitions.

The southern boundaries of the town touch with the Madonie National Park which lures the enthusiasts with its tremendous villages and towns. This national park is a very nice place for some walking and natural sightseeing. After the towns of Palermo and Taormina Cefalù is the most favorite travel destination. It offers everybody something and makes a tourist happy. The normal population of this city is tripled in the summer season with all the visitors coming here to visit this town. The main attractions from among all the places to visit for are the beautiful cathedrals built here. These churches are built during a variety of times and hence lack uniformity. But this is the plus point as at one place only you can get to know the way our forefathers used to build them. Yes all of them.

Cefalù is a signature place in history. It is like a live museum which is still collecting samples from every moment of our breathing and our stay on this place. The thing you most love about the place is its vividness which exists along with a mysterious calmness. It seems the city is proud of itself too. Apart from the sightseeing there is other stuff to do also. You can explore the history of the island and you can visit the nearby places too which are equally marvelous. If you will observe closely you will find parts of the old town which existed during the ancient time peeking through your window also.

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