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Catania of Sicily

Catania of Sicily
While choosing a destination if you happen to choose Italy as your destination it just cannot happen that you overlook Sicily. This province of Italy has it all. Yes it is the same Sicily from where Don Corleone comes from. The fascinating sceneries which you see in the movie are actually the true beauty of the place. Although this movie points towards a very insignificant past of the place and converts it into fiction but still it will play its role in moving you to vote to visit for it if ever a confusion arises in your family and the matter is put to vote.

Catania is situated in the shadow of the Mount Etna and has also witnessed volcanic activities also. In fact the town itself has been destroyed many a time but was rebuilt and reemerged every time. The Catania rebuilt and restructured is today a grey city and is comparable by only few other cities in this regard. For its color grey – it can be said pretty unique too.

As Catania is the second largest city of Sicily and support a decent population of 300000 reaching here is not much of a concern.

There are a lot of points for sightseeing. Monumental buildings like Piazza Duomo. Cathedral of saint Agata who is the patron saint of the city also are some of the spots which you would not like to miss while visiting here.

There are a lot of amphitheaters also which gives this place grandeur. The city has been associated with the Greeks. It was even established by them and there are many places which might be attributed to the Greeks structurally till today. The city in the course of time became a roman town. But today you find much presence of Greek monuments and culture than the roman. The people who want to see the glimpse of magnificence of the human civilization are strictly advised to visit this place.

The building, theaters and square; and the detailing which is given to them is overwhelming. It is just beautiful and heart breaking to see to which extent the civilization has went and put effort to develop itself. One feels proud connecting oneself with this constant stream and find all the troubles in life worthy of undertaking. Yes it is very surprising to observe the extent of human creativity. And also the extent of its utilization by a man as he can use it to find inspiration in such a place like this.

Every brick and every wall have a history and has a story to tell. Upon arriving here you can book a travel agency for a guide. Or you can just roam around renting a vehicle if you like. Both modes of admiring this town have their own benefit. While without the guide you can talk to the city and hear its whispering and with a guide you can get much closer to its nerve. In the evening when you are about to retire enjoying the traditional Sicilian dishes in a decent restaurant is always a good idea.

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