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Alicudi is one the eight islands that constitute the Aeolian island. The coordinates of the island if you require anyhow are 38°32′45″N 14°21′00″E. this island is situated at a distance of 40 km which is 25 miles from the main attraction of the Aeolian group Lipari Island. The area of this island is just 5.2 square km. this island is mostly circular shaped. This island initially was a volcano which is extinct now. But not to worry this volcano has been extinct for the 150000 years. This island was formed around 28000 years ago over this extinct island.

Similar to the other islands of the group this island also has a very rich ancient medieval and modern history. This island was populated as long before as the 17th century BC as the archeological evidences. These evidences are archeological evidences like ceramic fragments and pottery. The main place from where these evidences were found is eastern side of the coast.

The name Alicudi is the corrupted form of the Greeko Roman name given to the island of Ericusa. It was famous by the term Island of Erica. In initial years of the habitation of these islands simple agriculture as well as cultivation of peach was the main economic activities. Today there are as many as 120 permanent inhabitants on this islands and the main economic activity undertaken by them is fishing. Apart from these a number of merchants of different things and mementoes also permanently reside on the island. It is tough for any other person to get a round the year abode on the island. But it too can be done after paying a hefty sum of money.

This island, as a part of Aeolian Islands offers several distinct advantages over other islands. This too is a UNESCO world heritage site as all the other eight islands of the group. The special thing about this island art from the other is the crystal clear visibility of the sea. There is no fog and the sea could be observed till the end of the horizon. The fishes caught here are served in all eight islands of the group for the purpose of sea food preparations.

Most of the people while visiting the Aeolian Islands just visit the Lipari Island and return. But it is very strongly recommended here to visit this island too. This has a very unique flavor to itself and the sea food just tastes better. I don’t know whether the chefs are good or it’s just the atmosphere filled with the smell of sea and the sound constantly coming to your ears making you aware every instance that you are in Alicudi.

The usual offerings of the Aeolians islands are all found here and apart from these there is a miniature port on this island which you will be using if you chose to travel by sea route. You can spend every type of vacation here. You can party, you can honeymoon and you can spend time with your family.

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