Tuesday, September 27, 2016

4 Dangers Of Traveling and How To Deal With Them

The word on being heard initiates a sense of excitement in the mind. Yes, travelling as defined is a journey with a purpose. But, at times, it is also without one. In each case, there are experiences. Experiences those are glamorous but also dull in some cases. But, if it is your first trip, a quick read in this article might help you to save yourself from the cons of travelling. And if, it is not then also it might aware you against those cons.

I hereby list; four dangers of travelling and alongside also cite the methods of avoidance.

The first, Theft

The tourist destinations are the hubs for robbery. Only because, it attracts huge crowds where sneaking and stealing becomes easy for the thieves. You may not even realise, when a hand will go inside your purse and in a whisk, your money is gone! Grabbing, snatching, and then disappearing in the crowds are common thefts in these destinations. Be it a train or a temple, thefts are inevitable.

To avoid, such theft, lock your luggage where ever you go, the wallet you carry should be in your first pocket and also keep your eyes open. Do have fun but with care.

The second, Scams
Scams are the biggest potholes of travel. If you are in a place for the first time, the agents will go round and round about you until you finally give way to their scam. Now, the scam holders may not be just agents, it maybe something even bigger like legal correspondents: Police. They might charge you fines unnecessarily whereby you might not even know the rule of the place (at times, these police make them up, to charge you). The second scam holders are cab drivers who take you on a tour than taking you directly to your hotel or other destination. Also, vendors charge you more than regular prices. To avoid such pricks, always go after a detailed research not only on the place but also on the surroundings, ambience and people.

The third, The Party Scene

This one might be exclusively for the younger crowds. While travelling for them also means exciting adventurous party scenes. These people often prey to health issues, wallets and also to other dangerous stuff. Too much intake of alcohol can also cause a bad trip for you. To find a way out, always go for parties keeping health factor in mind. Also, partying with strangers or someone you met in the trip can cause unwanted trouble. So, always if you party make sure you at least have someone who is trustworthy, whom you have known for a long time.

The fourth, Getting Lost

There are destinations where GPS fail and the internet takes no chance of making an appearance on your mobile network. It seems that along with you, it is also enjoying a small holiday. Suppose you are on a hill top, with a group of friends and you just get lost due to various reasons. Stop, trace back but if unable to find, don’t wait till it gets dark. Locate any civilization nearby and spot yourself for help. But, to avoid such situations, never zone out to a scenic beauty, always have someone by your side.

Thus, ending on a note of safety, please keep the following points in mind and enjoy an amazing travel because life is short so make it live-worthy!

Places To Shed Your Clothes

Barton Springs
We are talking about skinny dipping which means the art of stripping down to your bare buttocks and swimming. There are some places around the world where one can take that plunge by stripping themselves and enjoy swimming.

Barton Springs: 

It is located in Austin’s Ziker Park not far from the UT campus. Austenite love and revere Barton Springs like no other spot. The scenic Barton creek watershed flows through Texas Hill country. There are 60 natural springs and 20 caves providing recreation for nature lovers. Barton creek is famous for water athletics, kayaking, Canoeing, tubing and year round swimming.

Barton spring Pool is the locals favourite .This man made swimming pool is located in downtown Austin, which is the largest spring in Texas.

North Avenue Beach Chicago: 

It is one the most popular beaches it is a unique beach house. This ocean is very sleek. It is the center stage for the Chicago Air and Water show. There is plenty to do on the beach like building sand castles and swimming. You can enjoy the beach house shaped like a gigantic beached boat. One can rent equipment’s so you can play volleyball, bring your own bikes or rollerblades to the beach and enjoy zooming along the path.

Lake Calhoun: 

It is the largest lake in Minneapolis .It is surrounded by city park land and circled by bike and walking trails. It has many outdoor activities like fishing, canoeing, wind surging, swimming andsailing. There are three beaches at Lake Calhoun the North Beach, The 32nd street beaches and Thomas beach. Thomas beach is for serious sunbathers who spread out towels and sun lotion on the grassy parkland around the lake. Sunbathing on the north or east side of Lake Calhoun isn’t for the shy. Where you lie depends on how much you want to be seen.

Girl Get Away in Miami: 

When you are in a mood for a girl’s weekend, there’s nothing better than a fun filled getaway to Miami. When the weather is sunny everyone enjoys being out in the water. Get your sunscreen and tan at the pool, go to the beach. People prefer going to National Hotel Miami’s where they have longest infinity pool. There is also a pool party with hot DJ’s at ”SWIM CLUBSATURDAY” on HYDE Beach.

Fisherman’s Cove –UK: 

This is the beautiful coastal stretch where many people go to skinny dip in UK but something very striking is that not only waters a gorgeous shade of turquoise but the white sandy beach and the surrounding cliffs is a perfect spot for tourist and locals alike to strip down and relax.

Paradise Beach Greece: 

This is a beach where party never stops. It is a perfect beach for all you party people. No wonder it is called Paradise Beach. So if you are looking for somewhere quiet and relaxing atmosphere this beach is not a perfect beach because this beach is full of banging bars, crazy clubs and raving restaurants,

Maslin Beach South Australia: 

This beach is famous for their breath taking white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters. It is known as one ofAdelaide’s oldest nudist beach. It is a beautiful long stretch of Beach which is perfect for long walks.

So why not go and enjoy the fun at the beautiful beaches by plunging into them.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Artistic City Krakow Tour

Krakow History: 

It is Poland second largest city and country’s main tourist destination in Poland. It is a vibrant city of a millions, it is also proud of its long and glorious history, rich heritage, and architectural beauties.It is the second largest and the oldest cities in Poland. This place has always been Poland’s artistic and cultural center.

Cultural Events in Krakow: 

Many events are celebrated on a large scale specially Christmas, Carnival and Easter. The Wild Lajkonik Parade festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show.There are over fifty culture festivals in this city. Some of them have been celebrated from years ago. Some are relatively fresh calendar entries. It certainly is rich in the form of arts, with more museums’ and music than you could possibly hope to visit on a short trip.

Curios in Krakow: 

The paintings of Prettiest LeonardodaVinci.

World’s Greatest Medieval Sculpture of VeitStoss Magnum Opus is the largest gothic sculpture in the world.
Subterranean Wonder World having Giant Caverns, Underground lakes and chapels.

8 foot Golden Crown, Nativity beauties, giant bell, miraculous images, windows of awe, signal trump, Krakow mummies and many more places can be explored.

Best Museum in the World: 

National Museum in Krakow, The Czartoryskis Museum, Royal Castle on the Wawel Hill, Archeology Museum, Ethnography Museum, Archdiocese Museum, and Polish Aviation Museum are still preserved till date.

Nature, The Thing of Beauty Joy for Ever: 

There are six Polish National Parks within a 150 km radius around Krakow. The nearest one is OJCOWNATIONALPARK which ranks among the most attractive recreational areas in Europe. Theremaining 5 national parks are situated in the Carpathian Mountains south of Krakow.

Dunajec Gorge and Niedzica Castle Day Trip: 

Dunajec River is something very different to see some of the most scenic countryside in Poland. Jump in a wooden boat and enjoy a smooth ride with incrediblescenery, limestone cliffs plunging into the water as well as stunning vegetation and wild life. While returning visit the beautiful Niedzica castle, which stands on a reservoir and impressive dam built in the 1990’s. Here you can admire the panoramic lake and hear the story of Inca refugee who found shelter here.

Appetizing Restaurants of Krakow: 

The city has several hundred restaurants and over thousand other eateries. It has plenty of shops, cafes and bars in the vicinity of this city which makes it easier to spend more of your time there. The square is mostly alive and bustling with locals and travelers moving around. You might feel just like sitting at one of the patios with a hot coffee or a cold beer and watch the people doing their shopping. It packed with a whole lot of variety of eating establishments, from the cheapest restaurants.Karkow is also known for its myrid restaurants and nightspots. There is no shortage of places to drink, eat.

Games and Entertainment Centers in Krakow: 

Bumper ball, Bungee Jumping Riga Archery,Combinator exit game, Realescape, Laser Park,WRT Karting,Gokarting Center,Klockland,Paintball Malopolska, Likekonik Club and café, Paint ball Centre, Bubble football ,Go jump Krakow park Trampolin, Combo Arena Paintball and Laser Tag.


Concerts of classical music, jazz and pop take place every day in Krakow and also on weekends there is wide choice of them. The city is famous for its energetic night life, with many nightclubs available. Ballet and other dance shows take place once a week or even less frequently.

Best Hotel stays at: 

Hotel Copernicus, HotelAmadeus, Hotel Pod Roza, Hotel Wentzl and Hotel Grodek’s.So plan ahead to ensure you get your hotel of your choice.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2016 Best Budget Travel Destinations

The best thing about travelling is that you get to spend some marvelous time with your friends and family without any hindrances may that be work load or buzzes of the city life, you seem to be a free man or woman for some days. But one thing that can lead you to a stressful situation even during your leisure time is your level of expenses. So, to free yourself from the grip of excess budget you need to think of places that will enable you to cherish a blissful vacation at an affordable range.

As the world is changing at a fast pace in regards to climate, state boundaries, names of the locations, governments and many more, the travel destinations also seem to take a turn. The best way a state is managed in regard to its tourism the most preferable location it becomes in terms of its tourists resort. In 2016 with the change in many state policies the genre of best tourist attractions has also gone into a change. Here are some places that you surely need to visit in order to have an unhindered experience of holidaying filled with lot more excitement and thriller.

  1. BOTSWANA – In 2016 you surely need to go to Botswana because this year it celebrates 50th year of Independence. So it’s a festive year for the country and thus has a lot more stuffs to offer to its guests. Botswana is a budget friendly destination where all your desires will be fulfilled at an affordable price and this year this concession is available on all grounds. It is a country of deserts and deltas that will give you a different experience all together. There are many national parks that will turn out to be exciting for the animal lovers. 
  2. JAPAN – 2016 is the most preferred time to visit Japan as for the starters the government is attempting to devalue the Japanese yen, which means the country is most feasible now in terms of expenditure. Japan is a wild country and a perfect resolute for the shopping lovers where you can buy everything you want at an affordable price. It is the exact year to go and gave a gala time with your loved ones that too in the most convenient manner without overloading your budget. 
  3. USA – This place is always a dream destination for all the holiday seekers. 2016 can prove out be the most affordable year for them who aspires to visit this most powerful country in history, especially the lovers of the flora and fauna kingdom as it’s the 100th anniversary of America’s National Park Service. You can also witness the rich reserves of nature along with the panoramic views of the majestic mountains that will leave you spell bound. 
  4. LATVIA – This year seems to be an era of independent anniversaries for most of the countries as Latvia too is celebrating 25th year of independence from the Soviet Union. So you expect to get concession in all most all the spheres that will make your vacation a little less expensive. Between a flock of new chefs have come up to illuminate the cuisine of this place that will add a delicious and an unforgettable hinge to your vacation.

Monday, September 19, 2016

A Beginner Guide to Cycling Around the World

A cycling adventure is perhaps the easiest possible method of bringing some spice back into your life. It will not only give you a perfect taste of freedom, but will also entirely change your perception of viewing this world. Explore the destination you’ve always wanted to visit and experience the remote parts of the world, like townships and villages that do not provide guided tours. For a beginner it is always safe to travel in a group with like minded people who are traveling for the purpose of a rewarding experience. Such cycling groups have participants ranging from 20 to 70 years of age.

Tour the world on two wheels 

Several cycling tour companies offer travel options to various parts of the world that organize cycling expeditions in smaller groups ranging from 20 to 30 people. Smaller groups minimize environmental impacts, increase the level of safety and preserve the cultural integrity of toured areas. In Morocco the jeep tracks and Kasbahs of High Atlas draw a large amount of mountain bikers from around the world. Other extremely popular cycling tour destinations of the world are France, South Africa, Canada, Scotland, Croatia, Wales, USA, and New Zealand.

A cyclist who is a novice to such adventures must start with a supported tour or operator. There are a variety of companies that offer various types of trips from epic riding journey in Katmandu to gentle beano in Snowdania. Every cycling group also has a mechanic, and novices must try and learn from the mechanic about dealing with unwanted situations like repairing busted tire in the middle of nowhere without any assistance.

This will provide the cyclist with the required confidence for embarking on independent tours. Before, heading off to an independent tour must have the knowledge to adjust brakes and derailleur, replace chain links, repair punctures and change tubes. A cycle is an uncomplicated machine, and to gain knowledge about its various parts is not a difficult or time taking job.

Take care of the essentials 

If the beginner is planning to carry his own bike on the journey, it is better to service the various parts of the vehicle prior to the tour. Servicing your own bike is much better than hiring a bicycle, for most of the rented ones are not very well serviced and maintained. It is no longer difficult to carry a bicycle around the world, for various flights allow vehicles to be transported. Some of the flights, regard the bicycle as luggage allowance whereas, others charge a flat fee. Some of the airlines insist on removing the handlers and paddles, and flattening the tyres for convenient packaging.

In such situations you need to take the bike to a local mechanical shop and get the job done at a small rate. An integral part of the cycling tour is opting for the right clothing. Lycra shorts, gloves, helmets, soft but covered shoes helps easy body movement and offers comfort, and thus cyclists will be able to embark on a long journey without worrying about uneasiness and irritation.