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Beautiful Tianzi Mountains of China

Dragon Cave

The main peak of Tianzi Mountain is smaller than others and rises 1262.5 meters above sea level. What makes them separate contrast is the Si Nan Yu, which is only 534 meters located above sea level. Thanks to the discovery of cable car, we are enabled to see fairy-tale landscape with less effort.Tianzi Mountain gifts us with some 100 natural viewing platforms in China.

Continuity of clouds, wonderful sunrise, peaks wrapped in snow in winter and wavelike rocky peaks are the four most spectacular sights of Tianzi Mountain.

The mountain range’s formation is surprising.There used to be once sedimentary rocks growing below the waters of an ancient ocean. Today, that same layer of quartz rocks is as old as 380 million years old, as thick as 5-6 hundred meters, tops the Tianzi Mountain.

Birth of Tianzi Mountain

The Tianzi Mountains took birth from quartz sandstone of 400 million years ago through their irregular rising of the crust for about 2 thousand years. The crust formation is owned to the "New Cathaysian" tectonic system.

About 3 billion decades ago, the place was anenormous part of the ocean. After a number of geological changes including Himalayan and Geotectonic movements, the bottom of ocean mounted out of the surface, and the quartzite sandstone pillars and peaks took form after the gradual cutting, erupting and fragmenting of Nature for millions of years.

The several high sharp stone peaks rising on the ground with sudden four walls and appearing as nothing shorterthan of the secret workings of nature.

Beautiful scenes of the mountain greet visitors in different seasons.

Attraction of Beauty: 

Zhangjiajie: Zhangjiajie is admired for its attractive tourist sites including weird shaped pillars, hidden valleys, bed of cloud, and limestone caves. It is one of the best scenic areas in China.

  • Wulingyuan Scenic Area 

Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie was nominated as a UNESCO WorldHeritage Site in 1992. It contains a number of national parks and good view areas inclusive of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Suoxiyu. Towering sandstones mesas, dense forests, and deep valley are the beautiful natural landscape of Wulingyuan Scenic Area.
  • Yellow Dragon Cave
Yellow Dragon Cave is also considered to be a World Natural Heritage Site. It is praised to be the most wonderful cave in the world by UNESCO experts. With an approx.area of 10 hectares (25 acres), a length of 7.5 kilometers (4.5 miles), a height of 140 meters (460 Ft.), and the cave is the only biggest karst caves in China. It enjoys underground streams, fantastic rocky shapes, and large caverns.
  • Tianmen Mountain
TianmenMountain located on the south of Zhangjiajie city; It is the second suggested visitors place in Zhangjiajie after the forest park. With a height of 1,519 meters (4,983 feet), Tianmen Mountain is the largest peak in Zhangjiajie and is considered as the soul of Zhangjiajie.

The limelights of Tianmen Mountain are Tianmen Mountain is the Cableway, 99 bends, the Cliff-Hanging Walkway, the Glass Sky Walk and Tianmen Cave.

  • Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge:
Many of the tourists are getting attracted to the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. The bridge measures two deep cliffs, and has transparent glass as its bottom. With a maximum length of 430 meters, spread 300 meters above the valley floor, it's now the longest, highest glass-bottom bridge in the world.

Hotel Pullman is one of the best hotels. The only international five star hotel.

A place like Tianzi Mountain feels great, the air is fresh and clean and moreover you are away from the big city life.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Natural Wonders Of Philippines


PHILIPPINES IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE where there are lots of things to do. It offers leisure and tourist activities that can make a weekend an awesome one. Anyone looking for a party island for your next holiday this place has got it.There is many islands that make up the Philippines. This country is blessed with rich environment lush forest tropical islands, white sand beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains. The people staying here are very warm towards the visitors. One should come on a long holiday on a visit to this place since there is a lot to experience in thisplace. Each year the numbers of tourist increase year by year.

The nature seems to be very natural like 1000 chocolate Hills, underground rivers and caves, 2ooo year old terraces carved by ancient islanders,colourful coral reefs, one of the deepest trenches and perfectly formed Volcano. More adventurous travellers prefer to stay on the coastline.

Some Of The Famous Tourist Destinations Are: 

El Nido Palawan is one of the most beautiful island beaches in the world. It should be visited definitely. Here you will experience different island like beautiful white sand beaches, lagoons and crystal clear waters. You can swim snorkel, do kayaking or just relax and enjoy the beauty of MotherNature.

Boracay island, Aklan: Everyone dreams about visiting this island in the province of Aklan. Don’t miss out its soft white sand, bright blue water, beautiful sunset view and unforgettable night experience.

Batanes islands, Batanes: It is one of the most wanted tourist destinations in Phillippines.Scenery over here is very unique that includes unspoiled islands that satisfy nature’slovers. There are animals freely roaming on the green hills, huge cliffs, overlooking oceans under the blue sky, rocky shores and white sand beaches and the rich cultural heritage of the Ivantans.

Camiguin islands at Camiguin holds the record of having the most number of Volcanoes. This place boasts
of natural attraction including uninhabited white sandbar, hot and cold springs and waterfalls.

Kalanggaman Islands: The island of Kalanggaman in Palompon is famous for its beautiful sandbars in this place and in the world. No wonder the international cruiseships always makes a stopover on this dream islands where hundreds of tourist from the different parts of the world enjoy this island. The water is very clear and transulant. Walk along a white long sandbar and experience a beautiful blanket of stars at clear night sky.

Siargao Island is famous for surfing and a home to the world renowned surfing wave called the Cloud9. There are also beautiful beaches, lagoons, natural pools, waterfalls and caves.

Mayon volcano Albay is the most active volcano. This volcano is a breath-taking landscape .This picture of the volcano is printed on the postcards and on the Philippine currency.

Mount Apoinmindanao is the highest and tallest peak in this place. Mountaineers and Adventurers are more willing to face challenges while climbing on this mountain, but it is not easy. It is also a home to floraand fauna.

Tubbatahareef Natural Park Palawan is a heaven for the scuba divers .This is a wonderful underwater world near the middle of Sulu Sea and also one of the best sites on earth.

NIGHLIFE in Philippines is really wonderful, specially while partying .There are some place where one can visit MANILA, BORACAY, CEBU, PUERTO GALLERABAGUIO.


When One Is Immersed In Nature Try To Explore The World.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Visiting Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent

The Beauty of Lake Crescent: 

Any body in search of a natural beauty must visit Lake Crescent because of its pristine deep waters and glacially carved lake. It is nestled in the northern foothills of the Olympic Mountains. It is a popular recreational area where no one can deny the facts about its beauty. Along with its beauty there have been some mysterious stories of this lake. This lake is considered to be one of the Crown Jewels of Olympic National Park. Lake Crescent is suitable for family vacations, romantic holiday and awe-inspiring hikes, camping, lodging and unforgettable day hikes making this park popular.paddleboarding, snorkelling and freediving take place also. This lake is a unique lake.

This lake with crystal clear waters appears to be of various shades, a beautiful blues depending on the light. There are plenty of stopovers where one can take a beautiful snap.

Putting Up At The Lodges: 

The lodge at crescent lake has the most adorable little cottages and a wonderful beach area. A gift activities shop is also available in the cottages. Fishing in this gorgeous lake, swimming and other water are also there. Lake Crescent Lodge is the oldest of the parks. It is located at Barnes Point on lake Crescent road. Here the oxygen levels are quiet low .Because of the great depth the water seems to be deeply turquoise that almost one must see it to believe. One can enjoy picnic around the lake. Fairholme, Bovee’s Meadows, LA Poel and north shore all have tables so that everyone is comfortable.

The Cities near Lake Crescent are Forks, Port Angeles, Sequim, and Port Townsend.

In the West end of Lake Crescent, there are 87 Fairholme campgrounds.This campground is situated in a wooded area, and the ground is very rocky. They have a lot of trails.

Things to Do Near Crescent Lake: 

One can visit these falls and also get a better view of Lake Crescent from the mountain top.

Right from Mary Mere Fall and Devils Punch bowl to Mount Storm King and spruce Railroad Trail each and every moment in Lake Crescent area of Olympic National Park is rich in beauty.

While hiking some climb the surrounding mountains and some explore the lowland forest and creeks. Many of them enjoy going into the water during the summer. Rowboats are available for rental. Hiking along the lake on the spruce Railroad Trail is a wonderful experience .One can stroll along Barnes creek up to Mary Mere falls. For more adventurous trip hike the steep switch back trail to storm King Mountain.

For an Appetising Meal: 

Restaurants in Olympic national park: Lake Crescent lodge Restaurant, Kalaloch Lodge Restaurant, springs restaurants are some of the famous eatery joints.

Come And Experience This Lake As Words Cannot Explain The Beauty Of This Lake But Seeing It Believes.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Breath Taking Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast
Kauai’s famous, beautiful and pristine coastline is Na Pali coast which nourishes the soul. It is situated in the remote location. This coastline is truly breath-taking because of the sheer cliff and wide ocean exposure. Na Pail offers some of the most dramatic scenery in all of Hawaii. Afternoon light is amazing on Na Pali. You can see rich hues of green, red and black as the sun sets that makes this coastline unique.

Exploring the Exotic Na Pali Coastline:

The best way to explore this coast is on board of the ocean rafting tours. Sailing along you will pass by the emerald green pinnacles towering along the shoreline, the velvet green cliffs and cascading waterfalls flowing into the deep narrow valleys. This coastline is accessible via a strenuous foot trail that traverses rugged miles from Ke’e Beach to Kalalau valley.

The only route to go to this coastline is by boat. Tours operate from this West side location all year. It offers the most comfortable journey. The boat ride is fast and comfortable. They have a rest room on board. The vessel is small enough to go through the sea caves during calm seas. The raft will explore all the nooks and crannies of the majestic coastline. The coastline is an absolutely marvel and you feel like you are passing through The Jurassic Park. The water is crystal clear. This is a memorable excursion.

Fun Time to Enjoy the Adventurous Activity’s:

The famous Na Pali coast hike KALALAU TRAIL is an 11 mile hike for adventurous who are not frightened of heights.Camping is a must for one or two nights in this valley where one can enjoy being under a starry night and hearing the sound of the ocean at night which is really worth it.

Na Pali Coast tour by plane or Helicopter is the best tour where you can relax and enjoy the incredible view. Flying close to the mountain tops, enjoying the view of the waterfalls and dip into the valleys below to get abird’s eye perspective of the inaccessible region.

Do not miss out on Sailing, rafting and hiking. These are the best ways to experience Na Pali’s myriad of natural wonders.One can enjoy Kayaking during the summer month. While year round trips are available on sailing catamarans and rigid hull rafts. Here you can enjoy snorkeling and waterside fun. Encounter spinner and bottle nose dolphins, Hawaiian green sea turtles and during the month of December- April one can experience the magnificent humpback whales.

Ocean-Front Dining at Its Best:

The Na Pali DinnerSunsetsail is our premier “DINNERWITHAVEIW” experience. Sunset at sea viewed from the Southern Star charter boat are spectacular. Passenger will enjoy a panoramic view of the entire coastline. During the course of time the on-board chefs get busy preparing the fresh meal.

Each day is unique as the light reacts with clouds and landscape and the Rainbow frequently add color to the distant mountains.

Top Things to See and Do in Wellington, New Zealand

Mount Victoria

When traveling to the New Zealand capital of Wellington, it can be overwhelming because of all of the things there are to see and do. That being said, there are a few things you don't want to miss. Keep in mind that while the capital is just 2 kilometers in size, getting around on foot can still be hassle. If you aren't from the area, rely on Wellington car hire services to get you around to these top attractions.

Te Papa Museum

Your first stop should be the exhibits at Te Papa Museum. In Maori, “te papa” stands for “our place.” It's a very fitting name for the country's national art gallery and museum. When you first set foot inside, it can seem daunting because of the number of exhibits to see. The museum spans six floors and contains over 250,000 fossils. It also features a large exhibit that tells the story of the Gallipoli Campaign during WWI, which took over 24,000 hours to put together.

Mount Victoria

New Zealand is known for its breathtaking views, and nothing embodies this better than Mount Victoria. From the peak of its summit, you get a great view overlooking Wellington's harbor. However, there is more to take in on Mount Victoria than just the sights from the top. The mountain is full of woodlands that are beautiful to explore. In fact, this is where some of the filming was done for the Shire scenes in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Wellington Cable Car

Another great way to get around and see the city is to take a ride on the Wellington cable car. This historic cable car was first opened to the public in 1902. While it's known as a tourist attraction, the cable car still serves the local community and plays a part in the daily commute of locals. If you miss one of the departures, you won't have to wait long for the next with departures scheduled every 10 minutes.

There is a lot to see and do in the New Zealand capital city. Despite it's small size, it would take multiple trips to see and do everything there. If it's your first time in Wellington, hiring a car is a great option for getting around. That way you don't have to worry about finding your destination, and you can just enjoy everything there is to see and do.