Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Queen City Charlotte

Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina. With so many great museums, activity areas and even the wonders to look around, this place has so many great surprises to offer you.

The world’s tallest and fastest gaga coaster is found only in Charlotte.

North Carolina’s largest city in the south-western part of the state was named in honour of the wife of King George, Charlotte of Mecklenburg. Uptown is a modern city centre, where you’ll find several major museums, as well as for shopping and dining

NASCAR hall of fames a modern site, dedicated to entertain race fans. They have exhibition such as racing simulators, artefacts and an art theatre which hold 278 people. There is also the popular Buffalo wild Wings restaurants and NASCAR Gear Shop to explore.

The U.S. national White-water Centre has more thrills than you can get through in a day. Besides Adventure sports like white water rafting, kayaking, Zip Lining and Paddle boarding you can go for a concert, go for a run or bike or hike on the nature trails. Here adventure doesn’t take a break.

Explore the world without leaving downtown: science is fun and at discovery place you’ll be sure to leave with a renewed sense of wonder about the world around you. Watch a 3 D IMAX movie and get hands on with interactive exhibits. By combining art, science and all the senses, this place will delight visitors of any age.

Kate’s skating Rink is Indian Trail fun for all roller rink. The three locations of Kate’s two in Gastonia and one in Indian Trail offers retro family friendly community staple. There are cheap eateries, arcade games and the roller rink open all weekend long. Skating is a great way to get the whole family of the couch and rolling around to modern, upbeat pop music. The skating rink is also available for birthday parties, private parties, fund raiser, lessons and speed skating teams.

The charlotte segway excursion lets you see more in less time than if you were to take a walking tour. They take you to see the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, the Mont Museum and Gantt Centre. You can choose to extend your tour to see even more sights at a lower price.

Charlotte Jazz fest: each spring you can find plenty of free entertainment at Charlotte Jazz Fest. You can fill your Uptown lunch break with music or take your jazz al fresco at Romare Bearden Park. The fest also includes a second line which invites attendees to join in the New Orleans inspired celebration.

Fury 325 at Carowinds: conquest the twist turns and drops aboard the world’s tallest and fastest gaga coaster. Fury 325 has won the award for the Best Steel Coaster. Thrill seekers climb to a towering 325 foot peak. The city is visible in the distance before dropping sharply at a hair rising 81 degrees.

Sport: Charlotte is one of the south’s sporting centers. One can go to Bank of America stadium to watch the Panthers in the NFL, catch the Bobcats playing in the NBA or go for minor league baseball action with the charlotte Knights.

Dining and nightlife: the most difficult thing about date night in Charlotte is choosing which restaurant to try for fine dining McNich House is regularly voted as Charlotte most romantic restaurant. If you are the type of couple who likes to share everything, head over to Soul Gastro lounge to try out the mouth-watering tapas.

When to visit: Most people prefer visiting Charlotte in the shoulder seasons of late spring and early fall. High summer can be a little too hot and humid but spring and fall are ideal. April is a good month for food lovers with the Charlotte Wine and Food weekend and Craft Beer Week. May is the time to visit if you Love NASCAR with the speed Street festival.

Shopping streets: Central Charlotte isn’t really a major shopping destination. But you can find some great place to shop for apparel, crafts, arts and jewellery. N Davidson Street is the place to look for souvenirs.

In short Charlotte is a friendly down to earth city. It is attracting vacationers from across the country.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Rosario Island, Cartagena

Rosario Island, Cartagena
One of the best places to visit while in Cartagena is the Rosario Islands. It is referred to traditionally as Islas Del Rosario or Corales islas Del Rosario (The Coral islands Of Rosario). It is considered a marvel of nature .The Rosario Islands are the ideal spot to enjoy the magic of the Caribbean without the crowds. Because of the still waters and vibrant coral reeds the Islands are said to be a natural wonder. The Rosario islands are perfectly safe to travel.

Rosario Island is well known for its beaches, pure white sand, gorgeous clear ocean water compared to the neighbouring beaches like Playa Blanca or Bocagrande.Check out isla Grande’s Laguna Encantada or Enchanted Lagoon for a traditional beach experience. The lagoon is open to swimmers and filled with a rare type of bioluminescent plankton which glows in the dark actually lighting up the water from below. This unique experience is Colombian highlight you can’t miss. So slip your bathing suit on and take a dip in the glowing water.

The seafood available on the islands is fresh as any you’re likely to find in Colombia. It’s so plentiful that you even get fisherman anchoring their boats alongside to sell you some fresh out of the sea lobster or shellfish.

Experience the magic of Rosario Islands. You can always arrange to tour in your very own private Yatch or catamaran. If interested in exclusive packages then there are many tour agencies in Cartagena. If you are travelling with a group of friends then you can enjoy the azure waters off the islands on board of a very lively Yatch.

There is something for everybody: the beauty of visiting the Rosario islands is that there is something for all different tastes. Adventurous travellers can take a Kayak out onto the sea, go diving or sport fishing while the more relaxed visitors can easily idle away on the beach chilling in a hammock or sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset.

Enjoy the Rosario island wide variety of Kid friendly activities: worried about travelling to the Rosario islands with Kids? Don’t be .Colombia is perfectly safe for families and the island sport numerous family friendly activities. Explore the Isla Rosario’s Oceanariums aquarium in Colombia, one of the most Bio diverse countries on the earth. This unique aquarium is fairly small and comprised of salt water pools housing numerous species of dolphins, sharks, fish and other sea life.
If you ever fancy learning to dive, you will certainly enjoy scuba diving in the protected waters surrounding the Rosario Island.

When in Rosario Islands you can visit the Oceanary to see all kinds of sea life in their natural environment including sharks, giant sea turtles, cods and a unique dolphin show.
Where to go in Rosario islands

Lizamar, Cocoliso, Isla del pirate, Isla Del Encanto and Isla Del Sol are the most popular resorts. Day excursions from Cartagena to the Rosario islands are mainly visited by the Colombian tourists. Moreover you can find more exclusive places like Isla Coralina, Hotel Pedro Majagua and Gente de mar.

Please come and visit the islands, enjoy them, nurture them. You will live an unforgettable experience.

Prepare for the Unexpected on Your Next Trip

car travel
If there’s one thing travelers should remember about planning a vacation, it’s that even the most efficient plans can be thrown off. All it takes is some outside factor that you have little to no control over to turn things upside down. Though the idea is to get away and have a good time, one can never be too sure what could happen. So, it’s best to try as you can to be prepared for anything. Here are a few things that could happen during your vacation and precautions you can take to be prepared.

 Last Minute Emergencies

 Life really is unpredictable and as much as you want to travel, something could happen before you ever take off that requires you to call off or postpone the trip. As you know, most travel accommodations provide a 24 hour grace period, but after that, you’re financially liable to pay for the cost of services. Travelers insurance is an efficient solution. It covers the cost of canceling or postponing your trip so you don’t lose hundreds or thousands of dollars because something came up you had to handle.

Car Accident 

Whether you’re going on a road trip or renting a car once you’ve arrived at your destination, there is always a chance that you could end up in a car accident. Following all driver safety laws is extremely important when you’re out of town, but you also want to make sure you have protection. You can find sites to buy car insurance online at a reasonable rate so that you’re covered during your travels.

Medical Emergencies 

Are you prepared if you or someone you’re traveling with gets sick or injured while you’re out of town? Most people aren’t and this is a big mistake. If there is something wrong with you, you need to be able to get treatment immediately. Failure to have health insurance in some regions can make getting treatment impossible or expensive. Therefore, make sure that you have your health insurance cards with you.

Lost or Stolen Property 

You’ve heard of people losing their luggage during flights, but do you realize how many tourists end up filing reports of lost or stolen property? Tourists have their property stolen all the time. To prevent this, you should be sure to blend in with your environment and not be too flashy. You should also take copies of important documents like your passport, driver’s license, and itinerary to keep separately. Lastly, be sure to carry some cash with you so if your wallet is stolen you at least have some money to tide you over.

Terrorist Attack 

 It’s unfortunate that this is something that needs to be considered when traveling, but terrorist attacks are happening more and more especially overseas. If you plan on traveling abroad you’ll want to make sure that you’ve first registered with your state department. This way, if there are reports of an attack or other dangers like natural disasters, the US embassy knows you’re there and can try and reach you for further assistance.

Car accidents, physical injuries, medical emergencies, last-minute issues in life, bad weather, lost or stolen luggage, and terrorist attacks are all bad things that you don’t want to happen on your next trip. They are also, however, very common occurrences for tourists. Though you can’t prevent them all, use these safety measures to ensure you’re prepared.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Amazing Cliff Top Homes to Take Your Breath Away

Amazing Cliff Top Homes
As human we are naturally drawn to a bit of adventure from time to time. Some of us voluntarily ride rollercoasters, drive fast cars and jump out of places, but then there are those who prefer to live life on the edge full time. Living on the edge of a cliff seems a unique style of living. Beautiful water views, seclusion and a scary effect that comes from standing on top of something and looking down at the world is something one must experience. These houses are built high on cliffs and mountain tops.

If living life on the edge appeals to you then you must find your dream house in this list.

Gubbins Arquitectos designed fortress holiday retreat. It is located between the deep blue ocean and the lush green fields. This concrete home is stunning as the landscape that surrounds it is elevated from the ground in order to enable panoramic views of the rocky shoreline and the Pacific Ocean all together. These houses are located in Tunquen, a small coastal town outside Santiago the capital of Chile.

Concept Cliff Top House: Australian architectural firm Modscape designs this daring concept home. It hangs from a cliff rather than sitting on top of the mountain. Inspired by barnacles hanging off a ship’s hull, this concept features is a three bedroom home anchored to a sheer cliff face. Getting a planning permit approved for such a design remains a challenge, the team is so sure that will one day become a reality.

Modscape plans Artistic cliff Top House. This holiday home hangs off a cliff above the ocean. It is situated in Victoria, Australia. It was built on a natural extension of the landscape. One can enter through a carport from the top. From each and every room of the house the beautiful ocean view is breathtaking.

Glass and stone exterior houses: the idea of this artistic house is taken from the famous Picasso. The houses are built with curve walls clinging to a cliff near Sydney, Australia. There is not much of design, but it is very impressive. When planning the layout Durbackj Block Jaggers made sure to also include a stunning pool and a rooftop garden.

Sanfrasico cliff house is also referred to as the Lake House. It was a project by San Francisco based studio Mark Dziewulski Architect, completed in 2010. This is a five storey building made up of steel, concrete and glass. It is built on a waterfront lot overlooking Lake Tahoe in Nevada. The arched columns and glass fascades were designed to get an extraordinary view throughout the year.

Cliff Tree House is situated north of New York City. This structure was envisioned as a unique tree house. This house is attached to a steep cliff and raised above the ground, sustained by the trees. The views over the hills are amazing not forgetting the landscape. A maple tree supports the terrace and a bridge that connects it to the cliff.

Prepare to fall head over heels for these jaw dropping pads.

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Nature's Beauty Kyrgyzstan

The country Kyrgyzstan is located on the continent of Asia. Neighbouring countries are: China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Kyrgyzstan is a nation of breathtaking beauty that very few travellers ever have the opportunity to explore. It is a nation known by its natural beauty, joyously unspoilt mountains capes and rolling jailoos. Nomadic culture is still alive. Families are seen moving to the high pastures in summer with their livestock. The country is still an upcoming tourist destination.

Things to do in Kyrgyzstan:

Celestial Mountain Scenery: Kyrgyzstan is a home to the magnificent Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai mountain ranges. Its dramatic scenery lives up to its pledge as the Land of Celestial Mountains. This place offers more than 200 trails for hikers and horseback riders. There is highest point in the country for climbers. Travelling by foot, bicycle or horseback can be arranged easily. In fact for mountainside travel most Kyrgyz still uses horses as the most effective mode of transportation. Take an ex soviet helicopter up the 7000m peaks of the celestial mountains and look down on the snow-capped tips.

Staying in a traditional Yurt: In summer they popup like mushrooms all over the country. All of them are family run, so you will have the unique experience to get in contact with the nomadic tradition. In recent years the Yurt camps have started to cater to the whims and wishes of western people, so it is actually getting harder to find one, where you still sleep and dine on the ground.

Bath in the hot springs in the Naryn Valley: there are hot springs all over Kyrgyzstan the springs of Alytn Arashan meaning Golden spa. It is enriched with radon which offers a therapeutic effect on the body. Naryn Valley offers beautiful crystal pools. Some of these hot springs became so popular that resorts have been built near them to accommodate many visitors.

Listen to Kyrgyz folk music and dance along: Music has always been a big part of a country’s culture. The traditional folk music in Kyrgyzstan is a symbol of the heritage. There are two styles in the Kyrgyz folk music, vocal and instrumental. Dances are traditionally performed at wedding and other joyful celebrations. One dance is particularly popular the Karo Jorgo. This dance is characterized by quick arm, elbow and wrist movements.

Ulak Tariysh is the Kyrgyz national game. It is similar to Pole. It is played by two teams of 6 riders each and one grizzly beheaded sheep carcass. There are special matches held on Independence Day that is 31st August. The Kyrgyz riders in action are unbelievable.

Odarysh is another national game in Kyrgyzstan. It is pretty much like wrestling only you do it on a horse back. The goal you have to know is throwing your opponent off the horse. Apart from these two games there are a couple of other games like Archery, Falconry, tug of war and quite a lot of other unique sports that are still practised throughout the nations.

Go on a hike or trek and camp a night in the mountains: Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for outdoor and adventure lovers. There are so many beautify treks in the country that you’ll need a lifetime to do them all. If you don’t love hiking that much, its worth to at least go on a day hike in the mountains and camp there for the night.

You can’t travel to a country and not taste some of the local cuisine. Since the country is engaged in breeding livestock, meat is a big part of the traditional and modern Kyrgyz cuisine, Most meal consist of mutton, beef and chicken meat served in dumplings noodles or rice or along with potatoes.

Kyrgyzstan is the kind of place where you can spend years uncovering new, unique facets around every turn.