Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Explore and Enjoy This Lovely City of Santiago, Chile

Santiago is the capital of CHILE. It is the fifth largest city of South America. Santiago is the central point of region filled with sites and activities. Only 60 km away are the main South American ski centres, and the beautiful beaches of the Pacific. Maipo Valley is one of the world’s most wine producing regions.

Chile is considered the Switzerland of the south not only because of its mountainous terrain but also due to its efficiency right from unique nightlife that starts at happy hours to a great museum in the city. Santiago is a typical capital city with much to offer to any tourist.

There are interesting things to do in Santiago:

Visit the CERROS (HILLS): In Spanish Cerro’s means hills and Santiago is filled with them. CERRO SAN CRISTOBEL is one of the famous hills in the city, where you can spend an entire day relaxing and exercising or going to see the gorgeous sunset. Once you reach the top you’ll be treated with sweeping views of Santiago. The summit also features an amphitheatre, sanctuary to the Immaculate Conception and a little church and a large white statue of the VIRGIN MARY. You can get up there by hiking or riding a bike.

MERCADO CENTRAL: Foodies should make it a point to stop by the Mercado Central for lunch or dinner. Santiago Chaotic seafood market is a mix of fishmongers selling the fresh catches, and the restaurants then cook them.

LAS VACAS GORDAS is a great restaurant for tourists to relax and eat scrumptious steak while sipping on a glass of red wine. The restaurant also has a wood fired grill, which provides excellent barbecued meat that is superb. If you are a lover of Sushi, then Santiago has countless Sushi restaurants.

Ride some rides at FANTASILANDIA. This Chilean theme park is no Canada’s Wonderland, but it has a great selection of roller-coaster and rides for every type of age group. It is fun to experience if you have some time to spare.

CONSIGNMENT SHOPPING IN AVENIDA BANDERA. Santiago de Chile is famous for its
Consignment shopping and has a large selection of vintage chains like Orange Blue, Nostalgic and Cero99. Shopper will find over 30 different consignment store in less than two blocks in Avenida Bandera. If at all interested in Local Jewellery especially artistic, there are three Ferias. BELLA VISTA, SANTO DOMINGO AND SANTA LUCIA. 

These places offer great, cheap Jewellery made from glass, tagua nut and official gem of Chile Lapiz Lazuli. There is also a large selection of hand knot glove, sweaters and hats. Bella vista is a special market, where it offer the tourist to purchase MAPICHE handcrafted items produced from vegetable fibres and natural sheep’s wool, all pun, dyed and woven by hand. That is really something amazing.

MUSIC AND DANCING: If you love salsa dancing, there are live salsa shows as well as some dance clubs with live bands in Santiago. This place is also popular for Jazz music scene, the most famous venue. Club DE jazz where music legends like Louis Armstrong and Wynton Marsalis played.

FUTBOL: If you like sports or even if you don’t, going to see a local Chilean football game is an experience worth having. The crowd gets rowdy and chants and jumps nearly the entire game. These games are very different from watching sports in your home country.

If you love SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING then you can hit the slopes at VALLE NEVADO, EL COLORADO OR LA PARVA in Santiago. If you are a beginner or on a budget you can visit LAGUNILLAS the closet and smallest ski resort located in CAJON DE MAIPO. There are companies that will organize the whole trip for you including clothing, rental if needed.

For ADVENTURE option there are several different place to go like the white water rafting in CAJON DE MAIPO, you can drive yourself or set up with a local tour company to take you out for the day. The ski resort in the Andes has set up a summer activities at the Parque de Montana Farellones. They have rope courses, trampolines, mountain biking, rock climbing, tubing and trekking. You can also head to the beaches to swim, scuba dive, kayak or surf in the nearby Pacific Ocean.

If you’re in Santiago with your Kids and they are sick of the typical tourist destinations, if you are looking to take a day off from traveling well the Santiago has a lot of family friendly destination. You can check out the NATIONAL ZOO in Bella vista to the accompanying PARQUE METROPOLITANO which is massive and is full of hiking paths, gardens and pools. Take the family out of the city at the BUIN ZOO or Granja Ventura for Some interactive farm fun. For fish lovers check out the Aquarium or if your kids are in love with the stars take them to the Planetarium.

This city has a number of hidden gems to offer. Enjoy your time in Santiago, Chile. Don’t lose this opportunity.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Atlantis The Paradise Island

Welcome to a magical place that invites you to discover all things imaginative and inspiring, breath-taking, unbelievable and unforgettable. A mythical ocean paradise, that once was lost and now is found.

ATLANTIS is a unique ocean themed resort destination and waterpark on PARADISE ISLAND in the BAHAMAS. Paradise Island centrepiece is the mammoth Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casinos. It offers variety of accommodation choices along with a pulsing nightlife and sightseeing in its own right. From the moment you arrive you’ll be immersed in a dazzling array of enchantments, luxuries and pleasures. From one of the Caribbean’s largest casinos to one of a kind kid’s adventures, world class restaurants choices to impressive shopping beaches and pools to the ultimate Water experience.

You can choose whatever accommodation you require like the Royal Tower, Coral Towers, Beach Towers and Atlantis Beach Towers.

There is no shortage of things to do at the Atlantis. 

Discover the wonderful moment where you‘ll interact with the playful dolphins in a variety of programs. Early risers and youngest guest starts the day on our beach while the resident Bottlenose dolphin play. Share the joy of our dolphin’s morning ritual by immersing yourself in their world. Get inspired by the ocean’s greatest athletes you’ll be the first on the water with the dolphins in this 45 min early morning fitness program. Sunrise fitness at dolphin cay offers a variety of exercise ranging from paddle boarding, beach calisthenics, power snorkelling and total core strengthening surrounded by wildlife. You can enjoy with your family, Paddleboard, Kayak, Hanging around with the Dolphins, Playtime with the Sea Lions, Deep water swim, etc

AQUAVENTURE, NON-STOP WATER, NON STOP FUN; WATER PARK is one–of–a kind 141 acre waterscape. They have water slides, river tides, pools beaches and private cabanas. Aqua venture is connected by a lush tropical environment that is both immersive and interconnected and perfect for all vacationers, whether young and old. The water park offers an extreme excitement and fun.

ADVENTURE like scuba, snorkel, shark adventures, stingray experience and sea squirts keeps you entertained.

The BEACHES here have white sand and crystal blue water. There are three beaches where the guest settles down to relax on cove beach, paradise lagoon or Atlantis Beach. There are more than 20 swimming areas and 11 refreshing and distinctly different pools including three pools designed for families and children.
ACTIVITIES like fitness center, tennis, shopping, Earth and fire pottery studio, Atlantis Theatre, Atlantis library, yatch and fishing charters and tours keeps you engaged during your stay.

Atlantis live concert series brings in top performers constantly entertaining the guest with performances which is unforgettable.

When the sun sinks down, Atlantis turns up the heat. So enjoy your night life at the Cove Pool, Aura Nightclub, joker’s wild comedy club and Bars and lounges for laughter and dances.

Dining and entertainment options are endless in 38 restaurants and lounges.

You can enjoy treatment at the world class MANDARA SPA.

Prepare yourself for the most incredible vacation destination in the world. Whatever vacation experience you desire you will find it at Atlantis Paradise Island.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Most Beautiful Natural Wonders in Canada

Don’t miss out the free trip to CANADA this year 2017, since Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday in a big way by presenting the world the country historic site and national parks free of charge. Some of the sites are breath-taking .From large-scale artwork and concerts too, cultural programs, official openings and community sport Days, there is something for everyone to enjoy in 2017.

CANADA is home to some of the most superlative sites the planet has to offer. The activities and landscape makes their national parks different and unique.


Niagara Falls is one of the world’s greatest wonders. If you still haven’t experienced feeling its mists and hearing thundering echoes, then it is time to visit and witness yourself. You can view in multiple ways by taking a boat tour on the iconic maid of mist or even flying over it in a helicopter. You can also trek through the tunnel, behind the cascades that leads to the observation deck where one can feel the roaring sensation.


The Aurora Borealis is natural display that occurs when solar particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere, on impact emits burning gases that produce various colours lights. The lights shows can last from few seconds to several days. There are many places in Canada where you can spot them. The province of Alberta is ideal with its dark night’s sky bursting into a blaze of color from September to April, Particular in remote areas like Jasper National Park.

OTTAWA has a whole year of events planned including world skating competition down the Rideau Canal, fiery pop-up stunts in public spaces, and a long list of wine, food and rural fair experience. They will be having different events like ignite 150, agri 150, New year eve celebration, Red Bull crushed ice, Stanley cup tribute, 2017 JUNO Awards And JUNO WEE, Inspiration village, Red bull Global Rally Cross, Interprovincial picnic on the bridge, Kontinuum, sky lounge, la machine, outdoor Pre-concert Known as YOWTTAWA, Magnificence of Chaudière falls and during winter enjoy a week of Canadian Football League, Roar of the Rings and outdoor hockey rings.


Travelling across the nation this multimedia dome village offers a 360 degree view of Canada, from where you get an opportunity to get an eyeful of life on the other side of this vast island. HORIZON is SESQUI’s marque hemispherical film. The 20 minute film is a soaring visual symphony that places viewers in the centre of action. HORIZON takes it audience on a revealing expedition from the highest peaks to the deepest seas and through all ten provinces and three territories.


Each year on JULY 1st the port swells with national pride. Canada Day is celebrated with a French and Canadian twist. Canons, cake and hockey along with music and plenty of family friendly events are like beacons to Canadian looking to party.

BAY OF FUNDY a part of FUNDY NATIONAL PARK in New Brunswick, offers the world highest tides. Waves can raise as high 16 meters almost a four storey building. The scenery is really beautiful in during high tide.

The pass also offers access to a huge range of awe-inspiring historical sites, including feats of industrial and manufacturing progress that man has been able to achieve over the years. Canada is offering passes which will allow visitors to enjoy National Park, Nations Marine Conservation area and National Historic sites across the country free of charge.

To put you in mood to explore the country, a ride on the TRAIN 150 will take you to places for one week period as it crosses the country from east to west.

So plan your trip this year it is never too late to enjoy towards the last few months.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How Tech Can Ease Your Summer Travel

Life is full of whimsical happenings and you have to be ready to embrace them. Well, technology has no doubt has molded our lifestyle and habitat in a great deal. We are quite fortunate for this. The summer holidays call for an outing but it can get worse when you travel to an alien land and there is no one to help you from the hot waters.

For an instance, when you are busy rummaging your luggage for the boarding pass in the airport, it can get very boring as well as frustrating. There is always a pressure on booking the right flight for the right time. There are some tools in this modern world rather the apps which can help you to save the last-minute hassles.


You always have to plan your journey beforehand in order to make it smooth as an ice. Well, certain things you can keep in mind like the online checking for the flight. The print outs may get lost so it is recommended to use email or the inbox. The technology has advanced a great deal and so you need to make use of the apps or the software that are available.

There are some apps which will help you to manage from the booking of the flights, hotels to making reservations in the best restaurants to which ever place you visit. You can stick to all the information into a clean and perfect itinerary. The technology has been developed in such a way that it helps to show all the timings for your schedule. Hence you can plan accordingly.

The app will go through your mail box in order to detect whether there are any scheduled travel plans and the related emails for the journeys. If you still feel insecure, you can create a separate account for your travel diaries and plans.


The smart phones should be used explicitly and they have made our lives more comfortable. You can use it at anytime and anywhere in order to locate places, book cabs and what not. It is good to use a SIM card of that foreign country as it will save your bucks a lot.

You need to juggle various several SIM cards if you are on a tour to different countries. Make sure that you have power banks and battery fully charged for the cell. Also, you need to have proper snacks or juices in order to help you out when you run out of food.


The technology is there to help you with regards to the safety and precaution even when you are travelling. It can keep you away from boredom as well. You need to book the right flight and hotel so that you don’t face any sort of inconvenience and your trip is bound to be awesome. Besides, you need to keep a check on luggage.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Incredible Wild Swimming Tour

If you’re a swim fan and want to do more than a few lengths in the pool this summer, then you should consider a swimming tour.Its’ available to anyone, it doesn’t cost a penny. What is more appealing is a dip in to one of the Cornwall’s rivers, lakes, bay or coves. This is the world of wild swimming in natural waters.

Wild Swimming in the outdoors was a common practise but now with the indoor pools and pollution of water people prefer indoor swimming

Here are some few places where you can experience wild swimming:

PORTHERAS COVE: It is one of the last remain and truly local beaches in west corn well. It is located on one of the wildest stretches of Cornish coast between Pendeen and Morvah. The beach itself is a lovely beach by itself, a lovely sandy cove located at the end of a shallow valley with sheer cliffs at the northers end. A west corn well adventure would not be complete without a foray down to Portheras Cove, It steep sandy beach, cascading waterfall and dramatic cliffs make it well worth. Portheras cove is dog friendly with dogs allowed on the beach all year round.

GALAPAGOS ISLAND is once in a lifetime trip. The tour promises breath-taking wild swimming around a volcanic crater. This trip is a wildlife exploration both above and below the water. You will also be wild swimming along with the marineiguanas, sea turtles and fur seals. So if you like the idea of getting up close and personal with stunning wildlife then this trip is for you.

THE FJORDS OF OMAN are found on the Musandam Peninsula. It is cradled by stark, rugged peaks, and the temperature here are high. The traditional boats used for the fjords ride are very comfortable. This trip usually takes two to three hours. It also allows anyone wishing to do wild swim or to take a dip in the water. Most boats also allow snorkelling equipment and towels. If you wish to go during the early morning session you will be more likely to spot dolphins and other wild life.

A BRACING DIPS IN THE ARTIC CIRCLE: Adventure is for two reasons. Every single person should go on an adventure. Immerse yourself in the natural wonder and also it makes you feel alive. If you are a lover of taking a dip in winter, then this trip is for you. The wildlife includes puffins, otters and whales. Swimmers can float above glossy kelp and with shoals of fish. Wild Swimming in the water with icebergs in the middle of the Arctic Circle is n’t crazy or scary any one can do it. You are given a survival suit that protects you from the cold. The only thing that is opened is your face. It is warmer to swim in the water than to sleep in the snow hotel.

A SWIM IN THE MALDIVES:Gorgeous white sand beaches, an amazing reef with teeming marine life and the republic of Maldives makes for a dream vacation but there are few common dangers during your stay. Wear a t- shirt when snorkelling or wild swimming to prevent serious sunburn. There are many things in the sea that can be dangerous. Watch out for trigger fish. The giant trigger fish has a distinct coloration is very aggressive;especially if you come too close to it, keep your distance when you see them.

DURDLE DOOR is one of the most beautiful spots on the English coast. One can swim through the arch at Durdle door in Dorset, out into the open sea, and on to Lulcorth cove, one gets to walk or trek and slide in the waters as much as one could here with great experiences in photography, wild swimming and enjoying the nature. There is also a possibility of climbing an actual cliff and jump into the water from quite a distance.

Whether you choose to dive in for a big wild swim or just a casual dip with a friend, the waters are open and available to all.